News and notes for math, Feb. 2018

By Ruth Lewis on February 28, 2018

Healthy funds remain in the math book budget so if there are books you wish we had, please send them to Ruth The deadline for fy18 orders in May 4th. Ordering new journal subscriptions is more complicated but I still need to hear if there are titles you needs so we can begin to ...

News and notes for biology, Feb. 2018

By Ruth Lewis on February 28, 2018

Unsolicited and unfamiliar invitations from publishers?: Invitation to Submit a Manuscript for Peer Review: What Should Authors Do?, a discussion of warning signs and tips from Becker Medical Librarians. NIH and Other Public Access Policies – Registration Link, this is part of Becker Librar...

Scholarly communications selected links from Feb. 2018

By Ruth Lewis on February 28, 2018

ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) now has a nice list of FAQs and Tutorials. More funders, publishers, universities and authors are using ORCiD. Springer Nature plans to continue and expand their requirement of ORCiDs from corresponding authors on many journals; more info. If you still h...

Fair Use Week links

By Ruth Lewis on February 28, 2018

We are in the midst of Fair Use Week 2018, February 26 to March 2, 2018. The site’s Roundup posts will include links you may want to review later. Here are a few to get you started: Fair Use Promotes the Creation of New Knowledge (Association of Research Libraries 2018 infographic) For text...

Recently Published Papers in Physics

By Alison Verbeck on February 28, 2018

Title: Same sign versus opposite sign dileptons as a probe of low scale seesaw mechanisms Authors: Das, Arindam; Dev, P. S. Bhupal; Mohapatra, Rabindra N. Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 97 (1):10.1103/PhysRevD.97.015018 JAN 30 2018 Title: Winding in non-Hermitian systems Author(s): Schindler, S.T.; B...

Peer review and preprints in the news, Feb. 2018

By Ruth Lewis on February 28, 2018

I was sad to see PubMed Commons to be Discontinued. I had high hopes for that sort of post-publication peer review and for the possibilities of journal club discussion postings. However I am happy to see that is planning on Preserving Comments from PubMed Commons. Also in the Open Sci...

New IOP Journals

By Alison Verbeck on February 28, 2018

IOP Publishing, home of the respected Journal of Physics series, has launched three new, high-impact open access journals. In recognition of the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of research, the scope of these new journals will focus on research covering three aspects of the physical world t...

CERN Open Access Books

By Alison Verbeck on February 28, 2018

Many open access books published by CERN are now available on the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB).  They will eventually be added to our catalog as well.

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

By Alison Carrick on February 28, 2018

The Film & Media Archive holds a copy of the very rare comic, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Gathered by filmmaker Henry Hampton for the series Eyes on the Prize, it is part of the remarkable legacy of the civil rights movement that continues to have an impact today. P...