Math books and ebooks added in January 2018

By Ruth Lewis on January 30, 2018

50 years of first-passage percolation / Antonio Auffinger, Michael Damron, Jack Hanson. University lecture series volume 68. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2017] paper book Adventures in Graph Theory W. David Joyner, Caroline Grant Melles Applied and Numerical Harmonic...

AIP Publishing Eliminated Page Charges

By Alison Verbeck on January 29, 2018

AIP Publishing announced the elimination of publication page charges and color charges, as of January 1, 2018, for all of the organization’s journals, including Physics of Plasmas, Review of Scientific Instruments, and 10 other prominent peer-reviewed physical science titles. The company’s decisi...

arXiv Update – January 2018

By Alison Verbeck on January 29, 2018

arXiv has posted an update with a brief summary of their 2017 activities and plans for 2018:

New issue of Camden House’s Rundschau Newsletter

By Brian Vetruba on January 29, 2018

The German Studies publisher Camden House just released issue 7 (January 2018) of Rundschau, its biannual electronic newsletter covering all aspects of German Studies, featuring new publications and catalogues, links to themed brochures, original articles by authors, exclusive author interviews, ...

B. Robert Wilson

B. Robert Wilson Discusses New Book, ‘The Half Beneath’

By Julie Hale on January 29, 2018

B. Robert Wilson is a Chancellor’s Fellow and PhD student in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. He is the great-great grandson of John-Lyle Wilson, the main character in his novel, The Half Beneath (TouchPoint). A slave in western Virginia who serves in the Confederate inf...

Publications from WU Math Dept., Jan. 2018

By Ruth Lewis on January 29, 2018

DiCiccio TJ, Kuffner TA, Young GA. 2017. A simple analysis of the exact probability matching prior in the location-scale model. The American Statistician 71(4):302-304. Hartz M, Lupini M. 2018. The classification problem for operator algebraic varieties and ...

New DVDs and CDs for Germanic Studies, Nov. 2017 to Jan. 2018

By Brian Vetruba on January 29, 2018

Selected list of new video and audio recordings relevant to Germanic Studies. Click on the links for call numbers and availability. For a complete listing of new DVDs and CDs, consult the Catalog or the DVD lists. Is there a DVD you want the Libraries to get? Contact Brian  Hörwerke : Originalauf...

New titles in Contemporary German Literature Collection, Nov.-Dec., 2017

By Brian Vetruba on January 28, 2018

240 titles were added to Contemporary German Literature Collection in September and October, 2017. Titles include novels, poetry, short stories, essays, graphic novels and more. Most were published in 2017. Katharina Seewald’s Demnächst in Tokio : Roman. Berlin : Europa Verlag, [2017] is on...

New Print in Language and Literature, Nov.-Dec. 2017

By Brian Vetruba on January 27, 2018

Click here to download an Excel file of new print titles in Language and Literature (call number range PA to PT) and other titles relevant to Comparative Literature added to the WU Libraries in November-December, 2017.  The list includes American Literature , Arabic Literature, Classics, English ...