Biology, December 2016 | Best Sellers

By Ruth Lewis on December 1, 2016

Biology, December 2016 | Best Sellers, January – December 2016 as identified by YBP Library Services. Titles are linked to local copies when available. Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life Wilson, Edward O. Liveright Publishing Corporation 2016. ISBN 9781631490828. $25.95 The Society of ...

Survey results

Thanks for Participating in Our Library Survey

By ksinger on December 1, 2016

The Student Library Survey closed on October 23, 2016. Thank you to the over 800 students who completed the survey! While we have just begun the analysis process, we wanted to share a few of the findings with you. Overall satisfaction remained steady in the 2016 survey. The number who were satisf...

Between the Lines: The Illustrations of Frederic Varady

By Andrea Degener on December 1, 2016

Frederic Varady (1908-2002) had a distinctive style later in his career. When browsing through the Varady tear sheets in the Walt Reed Illustration Archive, it was interesting to see how his style evolved throughout his career. His illustrations from the 1940s appear to be the typical two-color i...