1findr and more on Dimensions

The announcement of the launch of 1findr makes me wonder how many other products like this are in the pipeline. The free version of 1findr looks useful and worth exploring. The database so far contains records of “90 million peer-reviewed journal articles”. It seems logical to me that no free interface will be a nice as Scopus, Web of Science and other databases which we pay a lot for, but I think it’s amazing that such rich databases can be built largely from open data sources. From just a few minutes with 1findr, I am pleased with how many free-to-read articles are linked from search results without going through a second step like an Open Access Button or UnPayWall.

1findr seems to have a lot of similarity to Dimensions which I blogged about in January and March. Dimensions [free version for publications] continues to develop. Journal list was added as a useful filter when you want the “best” from a large list of results. There is also a new review, by Brian C. Gray in Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, which compares Dimensions results with Scopus and Web of Science.

Both 1findr and Dimensions have institutional products for a fee. WU Libraries is not yet considering those subscriptions. Both also seem to be adding citations and features frequently.

There are a few comparisons available so far; I imagine more reviews will be published soon.
1findr, Dimensions and other free mega indexes – A review of the space and numbers comparison, by Aaron Tay on Musings about Librarianship.
Coverage and Overlap of 1findr, Dimensions, Scopus, and Web of Science, by Ryan Regier on A Way of Happening.

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