100 Years Ago: Francis Field Gates

One hundred years ago today, campus architect James Jamison completed the designs for the “Francis Field Gateway.”

Constructed in the summer of 1914, the gates honored David R. Francis for whom the field was named, and his feat of bringing the World’s Fair to St. Louis ten years previous.  Engraved on the stone pillars of the gate are roman numerals MCMXIV, 1914, for the year it was constructed.


March 31, 1914 plan for Francis Field Gateway


March 31, 1914 lettering details for main gate


The earliest photograph of the gates, circa 1914.


Design for flourish details on side gates

Discover more about David R. Francis’ connections to Washington University: WUSTL at the 1904 World’s Fair and 1904 Olympics

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Miranda Rectenwald is Curator of Local History, Washington University Special Collections. More info.