Summa Angelica

Angelo Carletti, 1411-1495. Summa Angelica (Nurenberge: Anthoniu[m] Koberger, 1488, v. Kal. Septembris).

At a time when books were considered precious objects, bindings sometimes included chains to prevent theft or loss. This beautifully preserved example of a chained binding requires a custom-made case that will provide additional protection and prevent the metal attachments from damaging neighboring volumes on the shelf. The text of this incunable, or book printed prior to 1501, is by the 15th-century Franciscan Angelo Carletti, a writer on cannon and civil law.

Proposed treatment: Construct a custom, double wall clamshell box which can accomodate the chain and protect the other books on the shelf from being damaged by the bosses.

Estimated cost of treatment: $285

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