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Energy Research and Development Administration

ER1.2 General Publications

At6 G29 P56/supp. So4/12
En2/2 H19 P56/supp.2 So4/13
B87 In3 P74 So4/14
B87/976-2 En8 In7 R11 So4/975
C18 In8 R31 Su7
C18/2 F38/976 In8/2 R31/2
C23 F79 L52/2 Sa5c T23
F95 N88/6 So4/4 Un3/975/v.1
C63 F95/2 N88/7 So4/5 Un3/975/v.2
C76 F95/3 N88/8 So4/6 Un3/975/v.3
El2 G21 Oi5 So4/8
El2/2 G21/2 P56 So4/9 So4/7/phase1

ER1.8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

En2/v.1 N41/v.2
En2/2 P94/no.1
En2/3 En2/4
So4 En2/5

ER1.9 Energy Abstracts for Policy Analysis

1/index 1/10 2/6 3/3 3/12
1/1 1/11 2/7 3/index
1/3 1/12 2/8 3/5
1/4 2/index 2/9 3/6
1/5 2/1 2/10 3/7
1/6 2/2 2/11 3/8
1/7 2/3 2/12 3/9
1/8 2/4 3/1 3/10
1/9 2/5 3/2 3/11

ER1.16 United States LPPSD [Low Pollution Power Systems Development]Technical Information Exchange Documents


ER1.21 Maps, Charts and Posters

H62 H62/man

ER1.22 Program Approval Documents, Executive Summaries

B86 In2

ER1.29 Energy Efficiency Research


ER1.30 Program Research and Development Announcements


ER1.31 Geothermal Energy Research, Development and Demonstration Program, Annual Report


ER1.33 Environmental Development Plan, Oil Shale

C-01 (77) F-01 (77)