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Federal Communications Commission

CC1.1 Annual Reports 1935-40, 1946-76

CC1.2 General Publications B78 Em3/3 P96 B78/6 F31/2 R11/4, 13 B78/18 F31/3 T235 B78/23 G19 T236/2, 9, 13-14 B78/27 M43 T237/3 C14 N81 C73 N47 1943-48 P75/4

CC1.5 Federal Laws C73/960

CC1.12 Federal Communications Reports 1

CC1.13 Quarterly Operating Data of Telegraph Carriers Incomplete set

CC1.14 Quarterly Operating Data of 70 Telephone Carriers Incomplete set

CC1.35 Statistics of Communications Common Carriers 1948-74