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DC: District of Columbia

DC1.1 Annual Reports 1907 through 1957, missing 1955

DC1.2 General Publications C73/2 G74 St2

Engineer Department

DC10.1 Annual Report 1900 through 1914 1929 through 1931

Health Department


DC14.2 General Publications P96 Su7

Education Board

DC18.1 Annual Reports 1928-1929

DC18.2 General Publications F88 Sp2

Insurance Department

D31.1 Annual Reports 1928

Public Utilities Commission

DC43.1 Annual Reports 1913 through 1918 1921 through 1940

D.C. Health and Welfare Council

DC52.2 General Publications D44

National Capital Housing Authority

D57.1 Annual Reports 1936-1937 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972

D57.2 General Publications L48 Su1/2

District Unemployment Compensation Board

D58.1 Annual Reports 959 961 975 976 977

National Civic Auditorium and Cultural Center

DC59.2 General Publications