Y4.U: Select Committee on Un-American Activities - Special Committee on Unemployment Problems

                Select Committee on Un-American Activities

Y4.Un1/2 Publications
        Ai7             C73/40          C73/73          En2             P68
        Am3/2           C73/41          C73/76          Es6             P92
        An8/2           C73/42          C73/77          F74             P94
        Ar7/2           C73/43          C73/81/1        F76             P94/2/961
        Ar7/3           C73/43/957      C73/82          F76/2           P94/2/965
        At7/3           C73/44          C73/83          F76/3           R27
        B28             C73/45          C73/84          F87             R47
        C12/2           C73/45/957      C73/85          F87/2           R56/2
        C27             C73/46          C73/85/964      F87/2/965       Sa5
        C44             C73/46/959      C73/89          F91             Sm6
        C67             C73/46/965      C73/90          F96             So8/3
        C73/4           C73/47          C73/91          F96/2           So8/4
        C73/6           C73/48          C73/92          In2/955-960     So8/5
        C73/9           C73/49          C73/95          In8/962         So8/7
        C73/10          C73/50          C73/99          In8/962-2       So8/8
        C73/12          C73/51          C73/100         J28             Su1
        C73/16          C73/53          C73/101         J41             Sp4
        C73/17          C73/54          C73/103         J63             St2
        C73/20          C73/55          C73/103/959     J98             Su1/2/961
        C73/21          C73/56          C73/104/pt.1    K52             Su1/2/961-2
        C73/25          C73/57          C73/105         K84             Su1/2/968
        C73/27          C73/58          C73/106         K86             T17
        C73/29          C73/58/957      C73/107         K86/2           T17/3
        C73/30          C73/58/958      C73/109         K95             T97
        C73/31          C73/60          C73/110         K95/ind         Un1/v.7
        C73/32          C73/61          C73/111         L26             Un1/v.17
        C73/33          C73/62          C73/112         L52/960         Un1/app/pt.3-4, 7-8
        C73/34          C73/63          C73/113         L89             Un1/index
        C73/35          C73/64          C73/114         M22             Un1/11
        C73/35/958      C73/65          C73/115         M72             Un1/6
        C73/36          C73/67          C73/116         N21se           Un1/7
        C73/37          C73/68          C73/117         N35             V67
        C73/37/955      C73/69          C73/119         Ox5             W62
        C73/37/956      C73/71          C73/120         P26             Y8
        C73/38          C73/72          D39             P26/2
        C73/39          C73/73          D62             P31

                Special Committee to Investigate Unemployment and Relief

Y4.Un2/2 Publications
        P96     Department of Public Works—Amending Social Security Act
        Un2     Unemployment and Relief
        Un2/1   Unemployment and Relief

                Special Committee on Unemployment Problems

Y4.Un2/3 Publications
        R22     Readings in Unemployment
        Sh9     Too Old to Work—Too Young to Retire
        Un2     Unemployment Problems

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