Y4.P: Joint Committee Investigating the Pearl Harbor Attack - Committee on Public Lands

                Joint Committee Investigating the Pearl Harbor Attack

Y4.P31 Publications
        P31     Pearl Harbor Attack  nos. 1-39

                Special Committee Investigating Petroleum Resources

Y4.P44 Publications
        Oi5     Oil and Gas Division of the Department of the Interior
        P44     Investigation of Petroleum Resources
        P44/3   American Petroleum Interests in Foreign Countries
        P44/4   Wartime Petroleum Policy Under the Petroleum Administration for War
        P44/5   The Independent Petroleum Company
        P66     War Emergency Pipe-line Systems and Other Petroleum Facilities

                Special Committee to Investigate Political Activities, Lobbying and
                                        Campaign Contributions (Senate)

Y4.P75 Publications
        C15     Campaign Contributions, Political Activities and Lobbying
        Oi5     Oil and Gas Lobbying Investigation

                Select Committee Population

Y4.P81 Publications
        95/1 through 95/12

                Special Committee on Post-War Economic Policy and Planning

Y4.P84/7 Publications
        P84     Post -War Economic Policy and Planning
        P84/2   Post-War Economic Policy and Planning

                Select Committee on Post-War Military Policy

Y4.P84/8 Publications
        Ar5     Proposal to Establish a Single Department of Armed Forces
        M59     Universal Military Training

                Special Committee on the Post-War Economic Policy and Planning

Y4.P84/9 Publications
        P84     Post-War Economic Policy and Planning

                Committee on Post Office of Civil Service

Y4.P84/10 Hearings
        98-7, 98-9, 101-20

                Committee on Post Office and Civil Service

Y4.P84/11 Hearings
        Ag8             F31/4           M283/5          P81             R31/14
        Ag8/967         F51             M283/6          P84/4/968       R31/15
        Ai7/2           F51/2           M283/7-9        P84/7           R31/15
        Ai7/3           F85             N21g            P84/8/967       R31/16
        Ai7/4           F85/2           N72/962         P84/12          R31/16/969
        Al1s/2          F86             N72/963         P84/13          R31/17
        Al1s/3/974-76   G74/2           N72/964         P84/14          R31/19
        An7/4           G89             N72/964-2       P84/15          R32/2
        An7/5           H18             N72/965         P84/17          R54
        An7/6           H21             N72/966         P84/19          Re1/18
        At8             H28             N72/966-2       P84/20          Sa3/3966
        B62             H34/963         N72/967         P84/21          Sa3/6   
        B64/960         H34/3           N72/968         P84/22          Se4
        B64/962         H34/4           N72/969         P84/23          Sh4
        B64/964         H34/5           N72/969-2       P84/24          Sp1
        C33/965         H34/6           N72/969-3       P84/25/973      Su7
        C33/969         H34/7           N72/971         P84/25/975      Su7/2
        C33/2           H34/8           N72/972         P84/26          Su7/2/967
        C33/3/974       H34/8/971       N72/973         P84/27          Su7/2/968
        C33/4           H34/9           Ob7             P84/28          Su7/2/969
        C33/5           H34/10          Og2             P95             T22
        C33/6           H81             Ov2/3           P296/967        T22/4
        C49/3/963       In2             P19             R13             Un3/2/975
        C73/4           In4             P21             R13/2           Un3/2/977
        D85             Ir8             P29/4           R13/2/969       Un3/3/976
        Em7/2           J83             P29/6           R13/5/963       V94
        Em7/3           L11             P29/6/965       R31/9           V94/2
        Em7/4           L52             P29/6/970       R31/9/964       V94/3
        Em7/5           L62/2           P29/7           R31/10          V94/973
        Em7/6/969       L62/3           P29/8           R31/10/966      W12
        En8             M25             P29/9           R31/10/970      W12/970
        Ex3/2           M27             P29/10/975      R31/11          W12/2
        F31/2           M35             P43/3           R31/12          W33 
        F31/3           M72             P75/973         R31/13          W58 and W84

                Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads

Y4.P84/2 Publications
        P21/2   Parcel Post I
        P21/3   Parcel Post II

                Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities

Y4.P92/4 Publications
        El2     Election Reform:  Basic References
        P92     Presidential Campaign Activities of 1972
        P92/2   Presidential Campaign Activities of 1972

                Joint Committee on Printing

Y4.P93/1 Publications
G74/1   Descriptive Catalog of the Government Publications of the United States
G74/2   Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Establishment of the Seat of
                        Government in the District of Columbia
T17/2   Tariff Acts of the United States

                Committee on Public Lands

Y4.P96/1 Publications
        C33     Investigation of Mine Explosion at Centralia, Ill.
        N41/4   Investigation of Natural Resources

                Committee on Public Lands

Y4.P96/2 Publications

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