Y4.M: Congressional Mailing Standards Commission - Special Committee Investigating the Munitions Industry

                Congressional Mailing Standards Commission

Y4.M28 Publications
        R26     Regulations on the Use of the Congressional Frank

                Committee on Manufacutures

Y4.M31/2 Publications
        Un2     Unemployment Relief
        Un2/2   Federal Cooperation in Unemployment Relief
        Un2/3   Federal Emergency Measures to Relieve Unemployment
        Un2/4   Emergency Financing for Unemployment Workers
        Un2/5   Federal Aid for Unemployment Relief
        Un2/6   Relief for Unemployment Transients

                Committee on Military Affairs

Y4.M59/1 Publications
        Ai7/4   Sale of Air Service Property
        R31/5   Research and Development

                Committee on Military Affairs

Y4.M59/2 Publications
        Al8             Aluminum Plant Disposal
        M59/2           Compulsory Military Training and Service
        M71             Hearings—Parts 1-6
        M75/2           Wartime Technological Developments
        Sci2            Scientific and Technological Mobilization—Parts 6 and 9
        S.Prt.100-10/rev        Rules of Procedure
        T22             Technological Mobilization—vol.3
        W19/12          War Mobilization
        W26             The Government’s Wartime Research and Development, 1940-44, Part 1

                Select Committee on Missing Persons in Southeast Asia

Y4.M69/3 Publications
        Am3     Americans Missing in Southeast Asia

                Special Committee Investigating the Munitions Industry

Y4.M92 Publications
        Ar5     International Regulation of the Trade in and Manufacture of Arms and Ammunition
        C31     The Chaco Arms Embargo
        C83     Minutes of the Council of National Defense
        G28     Minutes of the General Munitions Board 1917
        H35     Munitions Industry—Hearings—Part 1-39 and Index 
        In2     Industrial Mobilization Plan
        R29     Report 944—Parts 1-7
        W14     Final Report
        W19/2   Minutes of the war Industry Board 1917-18
        W19/3   Minutes of Price Fixing Committee of War Industries Board  1918

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