Y4.In2 - Y4.In8/1: Committee on Indian Affairs - Committee on Interoceanic Canal

                Committee on Indian Affairs

Y4.In2/2 Publications
        L44     Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties

                American Indian Policy Review Commission

Y4.In2/10 Publications
        Al1/2   American Indian Policy Review Commission
        Ed8     Report on Indian Education
        F31     Report on Federal Administration and Structure of Indian Affairs
        F31/2   Report on Federal, State, and Tribal Jurisdiction
        H34     Report on Indian Health
        L41     American Indian Policy Review Commission
        M31     Bureau of Indian Affairs Management Study
        R29     American Indian Policy Review Commission
        R31     Report on Reservation and Resource Development and Protection
        T27     Report on Terminated and Nonfederally Recognized Indians
        T73     Report on Tribal Government
        T77     Report on Trust Responsibilities and the Federal-Indian Relationship:  Including
                        Treaty Review
        Ur1     Report on Urban and Rural Non-Reservation Indians 

                Select Committee on Indian Affairs

Y4.In2/11 Hearings
        Ag4         Federal Aging Programs Oversight
        B56         Distribution of Blackfeet, Gros Venter, and Assiniboine Tride Judgment Funds
        B85/4/982   Impact of Fiscal Year 1982 Budget Reductions on Indian Health Service
        C52 pts.1-2 Oversight of Indian Claims Affected by Federal Statue of Limitations
        C52/2       Clallam Judgment Funds
        D69         Dolly Akers Relief Bill
        F96/2       To Amend the Judgment Funds Distribution Act
        H81/4       Oversight of Budgets of Indian Programs in Departments of HUD, Education and HHS
        In2/11/983  Oversight of Fiscal Year 1983 Indian Impact Aid Budget
        K13         Partitioning of Certain Restricted Land in the State of Kansas
        L11         Disbursal of Lac Courte Oreilles Band Trust Funds
        L22/4       Chitimacha and Mashantucket Pequot Indian Land Claims
        N21 pt.3    Development of Native American Culture and Art
        N22/2       Navajo-BLM Land Exchange
        N22/3       Vanderwagen-Navajo Nation Land Exchange
        N22/4       Conferring of Jurisdiction on the U.S. Court of Claims with Respect to Certain Claims of the Navajo Tribe
        N22/4       Conferring of Jurisdiction on the U.S. Court of Claims Over Claims of the Navajo Tribe
        Oi 5/2      Oil Removal from Blackfeet Lease
        Os 1        Army Acquisition of Subordination of Osage Mineral Rights
        P19         Water Claims of the Papago Tribe
        S.hrg.100-939  Arizona-Florida Land Exchange Act of 1988
        S.hrng.100-949 Hoopa-Yurok Indian Reservation
        S.hrng.100-983 Settlement of the Water Claims of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in Maricopa County				
        S.hrng.100-989 Child Abuse and Neglect
        S.hrng.101-514 Religious Freedom Act Amendments
        S.hrng.103-543 Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians Act and the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians
        S.hrng.103-916 Indian Self-Determination Contract Reform Act fo 1994
        S.prt.102-51  Compilation of selected Indian legislation
        Sch6       Closing of Off-Reservation Boarding Schools
        Si3/3      Permanent Improvements on Siletz Indian Reservation Lands
        Si7        Devils Lake Sioux Tribe land Transactions
        Sm6        Nomination of Kenneth L. Smith
        St3        Steelhead Trout Protection Act
        T73/4      Proposed Reauthorization for the Tribally Controlled Community College Program
        W27        Trust Lands for the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California
          Information and Facilities Commission

Y4.In3 Publications
        Au8     Automated Information Resources for the U.S. House of Representatives
        M91     Multiple Letter Center
        Sp1     A Proposal to Build Additional Office Space in the Interior Courtyards of the
                        Cannon and Longworth House Office Buildings
        St1     The Feasibility of a Congressional Staff Journal as a "Process for Communication"

                Joint Select Committee to Inquire into Affairs in the Insurrectionary States 

Y4.In7/2 Publications
        In7/1   Ku Klux Conspiracy Report of the Committee

                Committee on Interoceanic Canal

Y4.In8/1 Publications
        Is7/2   Isthmian Canal   May 31, 1902
        P19/10  Panama Canal Hearings   1912

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