Y4.H: Committee on Human Resources - Select Committee on Hunger

                Committee on Human Resources

Y4.H88 Publications
        Ad7                     Ed8/2/977               L86                     N72/977-27
        Ad7/2                   Ed8/2/978               M36                     N72/977-28
        Ag3                     Ed8/3/978               M66                     N72/977-29
        Al1/977                 Ed8/4                   M66/2                   N72/977-30
        Al1/2                   El2/977                 M79                     N72/977-31
        Al1/3/977               Em3/977                 N21a                    N72/978-4
        Al1/4/977               Em7/977                 N21i                    N72/978-5
        Al1/5/978               Em7/2                   N21s                    N72/978-6
        Al1/6/978               Em7/3                   N21s/2                  N72/978-7
        Al1/7/978               Em7/4                   N21w                    N72/978-8
        Al1/8                   F21                     N72                     N72/978-9
        B46/978                 F21/2/978               N72/977-2               N72/978-10
        B52                     F31/978                 N72/977-3               N93/978
        B52/2/977               F73                     N72/977-4               Ob7/978
        B56/977                 H19/977                 N72/977-5               Oc1
        B66                     H34                     N72/977-6               Oc1/2
        C16/977                 H34/2/977               N72/977-7               Ol1
        C18/977                 H34/3                   N72/977-8               Ol1/2
        C43/977                 H34/4                   N72/977-9               P49
        C43/2/977-78            H34/5                   N72/977-11              P52
        C43/3/978               H34/6/978               N72/977-11/app          P91/977
        C61                     H88/977                 N72/977-12              P96/977
        C68                     H88/2                   N72/977-13              R24/977
        C73                     In2                     N72/977-14              R26/977
        C82/977                 In2/3/977               N72/977-15              R88
        C84/977                 In2/4                   N72/977-16              Sa1/977
        D63/977                 In3/978                 N72/977-17              Su2/978
        D63/2                   In3/2                   N72/977-18              T81/978
        D71                     L11                     N72/977-19              V88
        D84                     L11/2                   N72/977-20              V88/978
        D84/2/977               L11/3                   N72/977-21              Y8
        D84/3                   L12                     N72/977-22              Y8/2/978
        D84/4                   L52/2/977               N72/977-23
        Ec7                     L52/3/977               N72/977-24
        Ec7/2/977-78            L52                     N72/977-25
        Ed8/977                 L61                     N72/977-26

                Select Committee on Hunger

Y4.H89 Publications
        Ag8             F73                     H89                     Sa8
        B22             F73/2                   H89/3                   Se4
        C86             F73/3                   In2                     St8
        D63             F76/977-86              N95                     V83
        Ed8             H34                     P31
        Er1             H75                     P81
Y4.H89 Hearings
        99-5 through 99-10                      100-21 through 100-32
        99-12 through 99-15                     101-1 through 101-12
        99-16/pt.2                              101-14 through 101-15
        99-18                                   101-18 through 101-26
        99-20 through 99-24                     102-19 through 102-30
        100-1                                   102-31 through 102-39
        100-3 through 100-9                     103-1 through 103-2
        100-11 through 100-19

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