Y4.G: Committee on Government Operations

                Committee on Government Operations

Y4.G74/6 Hearings
        Ac2             En2/4           In3/4           N31/6           R32
        Ac7/2           En2/5           In3/5           N31/7           R32/2
        Ac7/3           En2/6/974       In8             N31/8           R32/3
        Ad9             En2/6/975       In8/2           N31/9           R32/4
        Ad9/2           En2/7           In8/3           N31/10          R32/5
        Ad9/2/974       En2/8           In8/4           N31/10-2        R47
        Ad9/3           En2/9           In8/5           N31/11          R47/2
        Ad9/3/971       En2/10          In8/6           N81             R47/3
        Ad9/5           En2/11          In8/6/969       N81a            R92
        Ad9/7           En2/13          In8/6/972       N88             Sa1
        Ad9/8           En2/14          In8/7           N88/2           Sa4
        Ad9/9           Ex3/968/chart   In8/8           N88/3           Sci2
        Am1             Ex3/969/chart   In8/9           N88/4           Sci2/2
        Am3             Ex3/971/chart   In8/10          N88/5           Sci2/4
        Am3/2           Ex3/no.27       In8/11          Of2             Sci2/5
        Am3/3           Ex3/no.27/chart In8/12          Oi5/2           Sci2/6
        Am3/4           Ex3/976/chart   In8/13          On1             Sci2/8
        An1             Ex3/2           In8/15          Ou7             Se2
        Ap6             Ex3/3           In8/16          Ou7/app         Se2/2
        Ap6/2           Ex3/4           In8/17          Ov2             Se2/3
        Ar5             Ex3/6           In8/18          Ov2/2           Se2/4
        Ar5/2           Ex7/975         K28             P17             Se2/5
        At6             Ex7/976         K75             P18             Se6/2
        At6/2           Ex8/no.19/chart K84             P19             Se8
        At6/3           Ex8/no.19       K96             P26             Sh6
        At6/3/967       Ex8/no.20       L11             P26/2           Sm1
        At6/4/pt.1-7    Ex8/no.20/chart L48             P26/3           So1
        At6/5           F6a             L48/2           P29             So8
        At6/6           F19             L52/970         P29/965         So8/2
        At7             F22             L52/2           P29/2           So8/3
        Au7             F31             L52/3           P29/3           So8/5
        B22             F31/2/966       L78             P36             So8/6
        B52             F31/3           L85is           P36/2           So8/7
        B52/2           F31/4           L95             P41             Sp2/2
        B85             F31/5           L99             P42             Sp3
        B85/963         F31/6           L99/2           P44             St1
        B85/2           F31/7           M12             P44/2           St2
        B85/2/957       F31/7/supp      M41             P44/3           St2/3
        B85/3           F31/7/supp2     M41/2           P44/4           St4/pt.13-71
        B85/4           F31/9           M41/3           P44/5           St4/ind
        B85/5           F31/10          M41/4           P44/6           St9
        B85/6           F31/11          M41/5           P69             St9/2
        B85/7           F31/12          M41/6           P69/2           Su1
        B85/8           F31/13          M41/7           P69/3           Su7/2
        B85/10          F31/14          M41/8-2         P69/4           Su7/4
        B85/11          F31/15          M41/9           P69/5           Su7/5
        C15             F31/16          M46             P69/6           Su7/6
        C16             F31/17          M46/2           P69/7           Su7/6/966
        C27             F31/18          M46/3           P69/8           Su7/7
        C35             F52             M46/5           P69/9           Su7/7/969
        C42             F53             M46/6           P69/11          T11
        C44             F73/2           M46/7           P69/12          T11/970
        C44/2           F73             M46/8           P69/13          T14
        C49             F76             M46/9           P73             T19
        C73             F76a            M46/10          P75             T19/2
        C73/2           F76s            M56             P81             T19/3
        C73/3           F84             M56/2           P81/966         T19/4
        C73/4           F86             M56/2/963       P81/967         T19/5
        C73/5           F86/2           M56/3           P81/2           T19/6
        C73/6           F86/2/973       M56/4           P81/3           T19/7
        C73/7           F96             M56/4/964       P83             T19/8
        C73/8           G14             M56/5           P92             T21
        C73/9           G28             M56/6           P92/2           T22
        C73/10/pt.2     G28/2           M59             P92/3           T22/969
        C73/11          G28/3           M59/2           P92/4           T31
        C73/12          G28/4           M59/3           P92/5-2         T67
        C76             G74             M66             P94             T67/964
        C76/969         G74/3           M66/2           P94/2           T67/965
        C76/2           G74/4           M69             P94/3           T67/2
        C76/3           G74/5           M69/2           P94/4           T67/3
        C76/4           G74/6           M69/3           P94/5           T67/3/app
        C76/4/973       G74/7           M85             P94/6/975       T67/5
        C76/5           G76             N21e/23         P96/            T68
        C76/7           G76/2           N21ec           P96/947-60      T69
        C81             G76/3           N21em           P96/2           Un3/2
        C81/2           G76/4           N21em/2         P96/3           Ur1
        C81/3           G76/5           N21f            R11             Ur1/962
        C82             G76/6           N21r/pt.3       R14             Ur1/2
        C83             G76/7           N21s            R26             Ur1/3
        C83/2           G76/7/975       N21se           R26/2           Ur1/4
        C86             G91/970-71      N21se/960       R26/3           Ut3
        C86/2           H19             N21se/2         R26/4           Ut3/2
        C86/2/973       H34/2/pt.3      N21se/3         R26/5           Ut3/3/971
        C88             H34/3           N21se/4         R27             Ut3/4/974
        C93             H34/4           N21se/5         R29/953         Ut3/4/975
        C99             H34/5           N21se/6         R29/956         Ut3/14/974
        D63/963         H34/6           N21se/7         R29/958         Ut3/14/975
        D63/2           H34/7           N21se/8         R29/961         V55
        D84             H34/8           N21se/9         R29/965         V63
        D84/2           H34/9           N21se/10        R29/966         V66
        D84/3           H35             N21se/11        R29/967         V67
        D84/4           H35/2           N21se/12        R29/969         V87
        D84/5           H62             N21se/13        R29/970         W22
        Ec5             H67             N21se/14        R29/971         W26
        Ec7             H76             N21se/15        R29/973         W29
        Ec7/2           H81             N21se/16        R29/2           W29/2
        El2             H88             N21se/18        R29/3           W78
        El4             H88/2           N21se/19        R29/3/970
        El5             H92             N21se/20        R29/4
        El5/2           Im6             N21se/22        R29/5
        Em7             Im7             N31             R29/6
        Em7/2           Im7/2           N31/2           R29/7
        En2             In3             N31/3           R31
        En2/2           In3/2           N31/4           R31/2
        En2/3           In3/3           N31/5           R31/3

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