Y4.F: Committee on Finance - Special Committee to Study Foreign Aid Program

                Committee on Finance

Y4.F49 Hearings
        B64/6           P53                     R32/8/938               T17/69
        C66/4           R32/8/926               R32/8/940               T17/71
        H79/4           R32/8/928               R32/8/940-2             T17/72
        Im7/1-2         R32/8/932               R32/8/941               T67/3
        In8/x/pt.1-2    R32/8/934               R32/8/942               T67/5
        In27/1-3        R32/8/935               R32/8/943/rev.          
        In85            R32/8/936               T17/66/1-18
        L66/pt.1,2,3    R32/8/936/supp          T17/67
        M46/19          R32/8/938               T17/68

                Committee on Flood Control

Y4.F65 Publications
        Ar              Arkansas, Black, Red, Ouachita, and White River Systems and their
        B73/2           Control of Flood Waters of the Brazos River, Tx. 
        C33             Central Valley Project of California
        C76/3           Flood Control
        C76/4           A Permanent System of Flood Control
				C76/5           Comprehensive Flood Control Plans
        M55             Merrimack River Valley and Connecticut River Valley
				M69/9           Flood Control on the Mississippi River
				M69/10          Flood Control on the West Side of the Mississippi River...
        M69/11          Set-Back Levees on the Mississippi River
        M69/11/supp     Flood Control in the Mississippi
        M69/12          Flood Control in the Mississippi
        M69/13          Control of Floods on the Mississippi River
        Oh3             Comprehensive Flood Control Plan for Ohio and Lower Mississippi Rivers 
        P22             Parker Dam on the Colorado River and Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia
        R47             Control of Flood Waters on the American Side of the Rio Grande in the
                                State of Texas
        Sa9             Improvement and Extension of the Levees on the Savannah River at Augusta,
        Su8/2           Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania (West Branch)
        W11/2           Wabash and White Rivers and their Tributaries
        Y8              Control of Floods of the Youghiogheny River Watershed, PA

                Select Committee to Investigate the Use of Chemicals in Food Products

Y4.F73/2 Publications
        C42/2   Chemicals in Food Products,  Pt.1-3

Y4.F76/1 Report
        T49   Tin Investigation
                Special Committee to Study Foreign Aid Program

Y4.F76/6 Publications
        F76/2   The Foreign Aid Program
        F76     Central America and the Caribbean Area
        St9/1   The Objectives of United States Economic Assistance Programs
        St9/2   Personnel for the Mutual Security Program
        St9/3   The Role of Foreign Aid in the Development of Other Countries
        St9/4   The Use of Private Contractors in Foreign Aid Programs
        St9/5   Agricultural Surplus Disposal and Foreign Aid
        St9/6   Administrative Aspects of United States Foreign Assistance Programs
        St9/7   American Private Enterprise, Foreign Economic Development and the Aid Programs
        St9/8   Foreign Assistance Activities of the Communist Bloc and Their Implications for
                        the United States
        St9/9   The Foreign Aid Programs and the United States Economy
        St9/10  The Military Assistance Program of the United States
        St9/11  Foreign Aid Activities of Other Free Nations

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