Y4.Ec - Y4.Eq: Joint Economic Committee - Select Committee on Equal Educational Opportunities

                Joint Economic Committee

Y4.Ec7 Hearings
        Em7/3           Employment, Growth, and Price Levels
        Em7/3-1         Recent Inflation in the United States 
        Em7/3-2         Steel and the Postwar Inflation
        Em7/3-3         An Analysis of the Inflation on Machinery Prices
        Em7/3-4         Analysis of the Rising Costs of Public Education
        Em7/3-5         Trends in the Supply and Demand of Medical Care
        Em7/3-8         Employment, Growth and Price Levels
        Em7/3-10        Potential Public Policies to Deal with Inflation Caused by Market Power
        Em7/3-11        A Brief Interpretive Survey of Wage-Prices Problems in Europe
        Em7/3-12        Low Income Population and Economic Growth
        Em7/3-13        The Adequacy of Resources for Economic Growth in the United States 
        Em7/3-16        International Effects of U.S. Economic Policy
        Em7/3-17        Prices and Costs in Manufacturing Industries
        Em7/3-18        National Security and the American Economy in the 1960’s
        Em7/3-19        Debt Management on the United States 
        Em7/3-21        Postwar Movement of Prices and Wages in Manufacturing Industries
        Em7/3-22        An Evaluation of Antitrust Policy
        Em7/3-23        The Structure of Unemployment in Areas of Substantial Labor Surplus
        M74/3/pt. 1-2   Monetary Policy and the Management of Public Debt
        M74/4           Monetary Policy and the Management of the Public Debt ...
        P93             Relationship of Prices to Economic Stability and Growth
        P93/8           Government Price Statistics—Hearings 

                Committee on Education

Y4.Ed8/2 Publications
        Ai2/2   Federal Aid to the States for the Support of Public Schools
        C49     To Establish a Civilian Conservation Corps
        C49/2   Termination of Civilian Conservation Corps and National Youth Administration
        Ed8     Education Bill
        Ed8/2   Proposed Department of Education
        Ed8/9   Federal Aid to Education Act of 1939
        Ed8/10  Educational Finance Act of 1941
        Ed8/11  Educational Finance Act of 1943
        Ed8/12  Federal Aid for Education
        Em7/2   Fair Employment Practice Act

                Committee on Education and Labor

Y4.Ed8/3 Publications
        H34     To Establish a National Health Program
        H34/3   National Health Program
        L11/7   Fair Labor Standards Act of 1937
        L11/10  Amendment of the Fair Labor Standards Act
        L11/12  Labor Fact-Finding Boards Act
        L11/12  Labor Disputes Act of 1946
        N21/2   To Create A National Labor Board Hearings
        N21/3   National Labor Relations Board Hearings
        N21/4   National Labor Relations Act and Proposed Amendments, pt.1-2, 4
        N21/5   To Amend the National Labor Relations Act
        P96/4   Establishment of Administration of Public Works
        W84     Equal Pay for Equal Work for Women

                Select Committee to Investigate Educational and Training Program Under
                                         the GI Bill (House)

Y4.Ed8/4 Publications
        G34     Investigation of GI Schools
        V64     Investigation of Veterans’ Educational Program
        V64/2   Investigation of Veterans’ Loan Guaranty Program

                Committee of the Election of the President, Vice-President and
                                        Representatives (House)

Y4.El2/1 Publications
        T27/8   Four-Year Term for Members of Congress

                Select Committee on Equal Educational Opportunities

Y4.Eq2 Publications
        C43     Justice for Children
        C83     Selected Court Decisions Relating to Equal Educational Opportunity
        D83     The Effects of Dropping Out
        Ed8     Federal Aid to Public Education:  Who Benefits?
        Eq2     Equal Educational Opportunity, Pts: 1A, 1B, 2, 3A-3E, 4-6, 8, 9A-9B, 10-15, 16C,
                        16D-1, 16D-2, 16D-3, 17, 19A-1, 19A-19C, 21-22
        Eq2/2   Toward Equal Educational Opportunity
        M66     Goals and Alternatives for the Education of Minority Group Students in Elementary
                        and Secondary Schools
        Sch6    Issues in School Finance
        Sch6/2  Emergency School Assistance Program:  Background and Evaluations

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