Y4.D63: Committee on District of Columbia

                Committee on District of Columbia

Y4.D63/1 Hearings
        93-A                            94-S-2                          96-S-3
        93-B                            94-S-6 through 94-S-9           96-S-7
        93-1                            94-1 through 94-6               96-1 through 96-16
        93-3                            94-8 through 94-26              96-16A
        93-8                            95-S-11                         96-18
        93-12                           95-1 through 95-9               96-21
        93-12-2                         95-11                           97-S-1 through 97-S-4
        93-13                           95-12                           97-1
        93-15 through 93-20             95-13A                          97-4 through 97-26
        93-22                           95-13B                          98-S-1
        93-25                           95-14 through 95-16             98-S-2
        93-28 through 93-34             95-18                           98-4
        93-37                           95-19                           101-S-1
        93-38                           95-20                           101-10
        94-S-1                          96-S-1

Y4.D63/1 Committee Prints
        Ac2/3                   D35/2                   M46/2                   Sa3/3
        Ad6                     D35/2/969               M46/3                   Sa3/4
        Ai7/2                   Ed8/5/967               M85/2                   Sch6/7
        Al1/10/962              Ei8                     M85/3                   Sch6/10
        All/10/963              El2/2                   M85/4                   Sch6/11
        All/10/966              F51/6                   Oi5/2                   Sch6/12
        All/10/967              G29/2                   Op7/966                 Sch6/13
        Al1/11                  G51                     Op7/967                 Sch6/14
        An8/3                   G74/4                   Op7/969                 Se2/963
        An8/4                   G74/5                   Or3/32                  Se8
        An8/5                   H34/4                   P22                     Sp1
        An8/6                   H53/2                   P75/4                   St1
        B15                     H53/3                   P75/4/966               St2
        B76                     H75/2/965               P75/4/968               Su1/2
        B96                     H75/3                   P75/8                   T19/9
        C11                     H75/4                   P75/8/968               T22
        C15                     H75/4/965               P75/10                  T22/968
        C17/3                   H75/4/970               P75/11                  T22/2
        C36                     H75/4/972               P84/2                   T63/3/supp
        C36/2                   H75/5                   P93                     T68/3
        C37                     H75/6                   P93/2                   T68/4
        C43/2                   H79/2                   P94/2                   T68/6
        C43/3                   H79/3                   P95                     T68/7
        C68                     In7/8                   P97/12                  T76
        C68/2                   In8                     R11/2                   T77
        C73/2                   J89/4                   R11/4                   Ur1/963 (1-6)
        C81/3                   L41                     R11/5                   Ur1/965/pt.1
        C81/4                   L41/2                   R32/965/supp            V85
        C81/5                   L52                     R32/965/supp2           W12/3
        C83                     L52/965                 R32/968                 W12/4
        C83/3/963               L52/966                 R32/969                 93-A
        C83/6/4                 L52/968                 R32/970                 93-B
        C83/10                  L78/4                   R32/971                 93-5-4-chap.1-2
        C86/4/965               L78/4/969               R32/2
        C86/5                   M46                     Sa1

        93-38                           95-19                           101-10
        94-S-1                          95-20

                Committee on District of Columbia

Y4.D63/2 Hearings
        Ai7/2                   C86/5                   L52/975                 Sch6/10
        Ai7/3                   D49                     L52/975-76              Se2/2
        Ai7/4                   D63/7                   L52/2                   Se2/3
        Ai7/5                   D83                     M29/2                   Se4
        Al1/2                   D84/970                 M46/2                   Si1
        Al1/3                   D84/2                   M46/4                   So4
        Al2                     D89                     M74                     St1
        An1/2                   El2/2                   M85/4                   Su1
        An8/6/970/supp          El2/3                   N21/4                   Su7/2
        Au8                     Em7/2                   N31                     Su7/3
        B15                     Es8/2                   N72                     Su7/4
        B64                     Es8/3                   N72/2                   T19/5
        B96/2                   Ey3                     P72/3                   T19/6
        B96/3                   F31                     P22                     T19/7
        C15                     F32                     P75/3/966               T19/2/966
        C15/2                   F52/2                   P75/3/972               T22/3/972
        C36                     F52/3                   P75/4/969               T68/2
        C38/962                 G51                     P75/5                   T68/3
        C49/2                   H34/2                   P75/6                   T68/4
        C64                     H75                     P75/7                   Un2/4
        C68                     H75/969                 P84/2                   Un2/5
        C68/2                   H75/971                 P94/4                   Un3/4
        C73                     H79/973                 P94/5                   V55
        C73/969                 H79/5                   P94/6                   V81
        C73/2                   H79/5                   P94/8                   W12/2
        C76                     H81/3                   R13/3                   W12/2/965
        C76/2                   In2/4                   R26                     W12/3
        C83/2                   In7/4                   R29/7                   W22
        C83/4                   In7/5                   R31/3                   W29/4
        C83/5                   In7/6                   R32/2                   W29/5
        C83/6                   In7/7                   R32/2/960               W29/6
        C83/7                   Jn8                     R32/2/968               Y8
        C86/8                   J88/2                   R32/2/969
        C83/9                   J89                     R32/2/971
        C83/11                  L41                     R32/2/975
        C86/4                   L52/971-72              Sch6/8
        C86/4/967               L52/973                 Sch6/9
Y4.D63/2 Legislative Calendar

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