Y4.C76: Conference Committees - Special Committee on Official Conduct

                Conference Committees
                                (House and Senate)

Y4.C76/1 Publications
        M32     H.R. 10284  Medicare Deadline Amendments
        P38     Summary of Differences Between the Senate Version and the House Version of
                        H.R.2 to Provide for Pension Reform, pt.1, 3    
        So1/973 H.R. 3153—Social Security Amendments of 1973
        So2     H.R. 10727—Social Security Appeals and Administrations
	T19/2	*Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-9*

                Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress

Y4.C76/3 Publications
        Or3     Organization of Congress, Pt.1-4
        Or3/965 Organization of Congress, pt. 1-15
        R86     Rules of Procedure

                Select Committee on Contribution Investigation

Y4.C76/4 Publications
        H35     Hearings Relative to Senate Resolution 205

                Committee on the Congressional Operations 

Y4.C76/7 Publications
        B85             The Federal Fiscal Year as it Relates to the Congressional Budget 
        C73             Congress and Mass Communications
        C73/2           Rules Adopted by the Committees of Congress
        C73/3           Congress and Mass Communications
        C73/3/app       Congress and Mass Communications, Appendix
        C83/4           Court Proceedings and Actions of Vital Interest to the Congress
        C83/5           Court Challenges to Executive Branch Impoundments Appropriated Funds
        C83/971-2       Report , Cumulative to December 1, 1971
        F52             Fiscal and Budgetary Information for the Congress
        F85             The Franking Privilege of Members of Congress
        Im6             Constitutional Immunity of Members of Congress
        In8             Leading Cases on Congressional Investigatory Power
        R31             Congressional Research Support and Information Services
        R86/975         Rules Adopted by the Committees of Congress

                Special Committee on Official Conduct

Y4.C76/8 Publications
        C64     Senate Code of Conduct
        C83     Report of the Select Committee—Cumulative to May 15, 1978

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