Y4.Ad - Y4.Am: Commission on Administrative Review - Special Committee to Study Problems of American Small Business

                Commission on Administrative Review

Y4.Ad6 Publications
        F49     Financial Ethics   1977
        In2     Index to Hearings and Meetings
        R29     Recommendations and Rationales
        R29/2   Administrative Reorganization and Legislative Management

                Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences 

Y4.Ae8 Hearings
        Ae8             L23                     N72                     So8
        Ae8/2           L62                     N72/961                 So8/962-65
        Ai7             M31                     N72/966                 So8/971-75
        Ap4             M31/2                   N72/968-969             So8/2
        Ap4/2           M56                     N72/969-2               Sp1
        Ap4/3           N21                     N72/969-3               Sp1/3
        As8             N21/960                 N72/971                 Sp1/4
        At6             N21/2                   N72/976                 Sp1/6
        B75             N21/2/961               N72/976-2               Sp1/7
        C45             N21/2/961-2             N88                     Sp1/8
        C73/2           N21/2/961-3             Oz7                     Sp1/11
        C73/3           N21a/961                Oz7/2                   Sp1/12
        Ea7             N21a/962                Oz7/3                   Sp1/13
        Ed8             N21a/962-2              R11                     Sp1/14
        En2             N21a/963                R24                     Sp1/15
        En2/975         N21a/964                R31                     T22
        Eu7             N21a/965-77             Sa8                     T22/2
        F95             N21a/2                  Sa8/2                   T23
        F95/2           N21a/3/968-70           Sk9                     T71
        G48             N21a/4                  Sk9/2
        In8             N21a/5                  So4
        J63             N21a/6                  So4/2

    Committee on Agriculture 
	Y4.Ag8-1 Hearings
	      Ag8-10  Agricultural Adjustment Program
				Ag8-11	Admendments to the Agricultural Adjustment Act
				Ex7-3   McNary-Haugen Bill
                Committee on Agriculture and Forestry

Y4.Ag8/2 Hearings
        F73/12  National Food Allotment Plan (1944)
        Ol2/1   Oleomargarine and Other Imitation Dairy Products, etc.

                Special Committee to Study Problems of American Small Business

Y4.Am3/5 Publications
        2, 4-5, 7, B96, B96/5, In27

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