National Commission for Manpower Policy

Y3.M31:1 Annual Report
        2, 5, 6 (vol. I-III), 7,8

Y3.M31:2 General Publications
        Sch6    From School to Work

Y3.M31:9 Special Reports
        1, 3-17, 19-34

                Merchant Marine Commission

        R29     Report of the Merchant Marine Commission, v.1-3

                United States Metric Board

Y3.M56:1 Annual Report
        1979, 1980

Y3.M56:2 General Publications
        Au8               Automotive Metrics
        B12               Backgrounder
        K64               Metrics in the Kitchen
        L71               Understanding Liter Measurement
        M56               A Study of Metric Measurement and Legislation Final Report—vol. I and II
        M56/2             Providing a Metric Option
        M56/4             Summary Report July 1982
        M56/5             Perspectives on Future Metric Conversion
        M56/6             Metric Conversion Card
        M56/7             All You Will Need to Know About Metric
        M56/8             Going Metric—A Planning Model for Small Manufacturing Companies
        M56/8/management  Going Metric—A Management Model for Small Manufacturing Companies     
        P94               Federal Procurement Metrication Appropriateness Methods—Final Report

                Missouri Basin Inter-Agency Committee

Y3.M69:1 Annual Report on Progress
        1959-64, 1966-71

Y3.M69:2 General Publications
        D49     Development Program
        D62     Directory 1962, 1969-72
        F66     Adequacy of Flows in the Missouri River
        M66     Minutes no.108-159, 161-167, 169 and index
        M69     The Missouri
        M69/3   A Framework Plan for the Missouri River Basin

Y3.M69:8 Annual Report on Programming
        1960-62, 1966-73

Y3.M69:9 Comprehensive Framework Study, Missouri River Basin

                Monetary Commission

Y3.M74 Publications
        R29     Report of the Silver Commission, v.1-2

                Muscle Shoals Commission

Y3.M97 Publications
        R29     Muscle Shoals

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