Immigration Commission

Y3.Im6 Publications
        Reports of the Immigration Commission, vol.1-14

                Indian Currency Commission (Great Britain)

Y3.In2/1 Publications
        R29     Report of the Indian Currency Commission

                Industrial Commission

Y3.In2/2 Publications
        Report of the Industrial Commission, vol.1-19

                Committee on Industrial Analysis

        N21     U.S. President’s Committee of Industrial Analysis Report

                Indian Claims Commission

Y3.In2/6:1 Annual Reports
        1969, 1971-77, and Final Report 1946-78

Y3In2/6:2 General Publications
        P4      General Rules and Procedures

                International Exchange Commission

Y3.In8 Publications
        G56/1   Report of Commission on International Exchange 1903
        G56/2   Gold Standard in International Trade

                Interdepartmental Committee on Scientific Research and Development

Y3.In8/4:2 General Publications
        In8     The Interdepartmental Committee on Research and Development

                International Development Advisory Board

Y3.In8/5:2 General Publications
        Ec7/2   A New Emphasis on Economic Development Abroad
        P94     Partners in Progress

                Interdepartmental Committee on Children and Youth

Y3.In8/6:1 Annual Report

        M58     When the Migrant Families Come Again
        Y8      Youth—The Nation’s Richest Resource

                Intergovernmental Relations Commission

Y3.In8/7 Publications
        Ag8     Federal Aid to Agriculture
        Ai7     Federal Aid to Airports
        D36     Civil Defense and Urban Vulnerability
        Ed8     Federal Responsibility to the Field of Education
        G76     The Impact of the Federal Grants-in-Aid
        G76/2   The Administrative and Fiscal Impact of Grants-in-Aid
        G76/3   Twenty-Five Grants-in-Aid Programs
        H34     Federal Aid to Public Health
        H53     Federal Aid to Highways
        L78     Local Government
        P29     Payment in Lieu of Taxes and Shared Revenue
        R29     Report to the President  1955
        R31     Natural Resources and Conservation
        Un2     Unemployment Compensation and Employment Service
        W45     Federal Aid to Welfare

                Interagency Committee on Water Resources

Y3.In8/8:2 General Publications
        R52     Proposed Practices for Economic Analysis of River Basin Projects

Y3.In8/8:7 Notes on Hydrologic Activities, Bulletins
        10, 13

Y3.In8/8:9 Joint Hydrology-Sedimentation Bulletins

                Interdepartmental Committee for the Study of Jurisdiction Over Federal 
                                Areas Within the States

Y3.In8/10:1 Reports

                Commission on International Rules of Judicial Procedure

Y3.In8/15:1 Annual Report
        1959, 1961, 1962

                Interdepartmental Committee to Coordinate Federal Urban Area 
                                Assistance Programs

Y3.In8/17:2 General Publications
        L11     Federal Programs of Assistance to Labor Surplus Areas

                Interdepartmental Committee on the Status of Women

Y3.In8/21:1 Report on Progress in Status of Women
        1963/64, 1965, 1966

        Am3                     G74                     W84/971
        C76/966                 H34                     W84/972
        C76/968                 L11                     W84/973
        Em7                     Se9                     W84/974
        E92                     So1                     W84/975
        F21                     W84/970

                Interdepartmental Committee on Mexican American Affairs

Y3.In8/23:1 Reports

Y3.In8/23:2 General Publications
        J63     The New Focus for Opportunity
        M41     A Guide to Materials Relating to Persons of Mexican Heritage in the United States
        M57     Testimony Presented at the Cabinet Committee Hearings on Mexican American Affairs

                Inter-American Foundation

Y3.In8/25:1 Annual Report
        1996 (Spanish)

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