Y3.F76 - Y3.F95

                Foreign Economic Policy Commission

Y3.F76/2 Reports
        R29     Report to President and Congress 1954—Majority Report
        R29/2   Minority Report

Y3.F76/2:2 General Publications
        St1     Staff Papers

                Commission on Organization of the Government for the Conduct of 
                                Foreign Policy

Y3.F76/5:1 Report

Y3.F76/5:2 General Publications
        Or3/975         Appendices: Commission on the Organization of Government (vol.1-16)

                Fuel Administration

Y3.F95:2 General Publications
        Ad6     Report of the Administrative Division 1917-1919 (pt.1)
        B96     Final Report of the Business Manager
        D64     Report of the Distribution Division, pt.3
        En3     Report of Engineer’s Committee  1918-1919
        G21/3   Prices and Marketing Practices
        P44     Prices of Petroleum and its Products During the War

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