Y3.F22 - Y3.F31

                Farm Tenancy Special Committee

Y3.F22:2 General Publications
        R29 Farm Tenancy

                Federal Electric Railways Commission

Y3.F31 Publications
        P94     Proceedings, vol. I-III

                Federal Home Loan Bank Board

Y3.F31/3:1 Annual Report

Y3.F31/3:2 General Publications
        Ac8/935         Federal Home Loan Bank Act, as Amended
        H75/4           Safeguarding the Nation’s Homes
        Sa9/2           Annual Report of Federal Savings and Loan Associations 1936-1938
        Sa9/8           Federal Savings and Loan Associations
Y3.F31/3:8 Home Owner’s Loan Corporation Publications
        Ac8     Home Owners’ Loan Act of 1933 as Amended

                Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works

Y3.F31/4:2 General Publications
        C76/4   Miscellaneous Publications
        Ed8     Miscellaneous Publications
        El2     Municipally Owned Electric Utilities in the United States 1934
        M69i    Report of the Mississippi Valley Committee of the Public Works Administration 1934
        N21     National Planning Board Final Report  1933-34
        P69     Economies of Planning Public Works

                Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works

Y3.F31/4:11 General Publications
        P69 Unit Plans

Y3.F31/4:12 Bulletins

                Federal Emergency Relief Administration

Y3.F31/5:2 General Publications
                Unemployment Relief Census, reports 1-3
        R27/3   Statistical Summary of Emergency Relief Activities

Y3.F31/5:8 Monthly Reports
        May 1933-Dec 1934
        Jan-June 1935
Jan-June 1936
Index: June 1933-June 1936

Y3.F31/5:37 Trend Relief in Continental United States
        Jan. 1936-Mar. 1937

                Federal Coordinator of Transportation

Y3.F31/6:2 General Publications
        Ec7     Second Report on Economy Possibilities of Regional Coordination Projects
        M53     Merchandise Traffic Report
        T68     Report of Mechanical Advisory Committee to the Federal Coordinator of Transportation 
        T68/2   Federal Coordinator of Transportation Report 1935
        T68/3   Public Aids to Transportation, 1-4

                Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Y3.F31/8:1 Annual Report
        1934-38, 1940, 1962, 1971

Y3.F31/8:2 General Publications
        Ac2/2/966       Summary of Accounts and Deposits in all Mutual Savings Banks
        B22/6/965-55    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
        B22/6/966-67    Changes Among Operating Banks and Branches
        I68             Insurance Coverage of Bank Deposits.   June 30, 1966
        R29             Report of Operations
        R29/4/940-2     Report of the Federal Deposit Insurance Cooperation

Y3.F31/8:9 Report of Call:  Assets, Liabilities, and Capital Accounts, Commercial and Mutual Savings Banks
        4-64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86

Y3.F31/8:9-2 Report of Calls, Assets, Liabilities and Capital Accounts, Commercial and Mutual Savings Banks

Y3.F31/8:12 Cooperative Savings with Federal Credit Unions
        vol. 1-5

Y3.F31/8:14 Federal Credit Union, Annual Reports of Operations

Y3.F31/8:17 Report to Insured Banks
        1963, 1969

Y3.F31/8:19 Bank Operating Statistics
        1967-69, 1970-71, 1980-83

Y3.F31/8:20 Summary of Accounts and Deposits in All Commercial Banks
        Sa21/968        St. Louis District

Y3.F31/8:21 Summary of Accounts and Deposits in All Commercial Banks

Y3.F31/8:22 Databook: Operating Banks and Branches, Summary of Deposits
        1988, vol.1             1991, vol.1-6
        1989, vol.1-6           1992, vol.1-6
        1990, vol.1-6           1993, vol.1-6

                Federal Surplus Relief Corporation

Y3.F31/9:1 Annual Reports

                Federal Alcohol Control Administration

Y3.F31/10:2 General Publications
        L52     Legislative History of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act

                Federal Housing Administration

Y3.F31/11:1 Annual Reports

Y3.F31/11:2 General Publications
        Ac2/2   Uniform System of Accounts for Large Scale Housing Projects
        H81     European Housing Policy and Practice
        L78     How Modernization Loans Benefit Property Owners, Business and Banks
        P39     Analysis of Housing in Peoria

Y3.F31/11:4 Circulars
        3       Low Cost Housing
        4       Operative Builders

Y3.F31/11:7 Rules and Regulations
        M31     Underwriting Manual

Y3.F31/11:9 Better Housing
	v.1-2 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-9*

                Federal Committee on Apprentice Training

Y3.F31/12:3 Bulletins

                Federal Inter-Agency River Basin Committee

Y3.F31/13:2 Reports
        Qualitative Aspects of Benefit-Cost Practices  1947, 1948

Y3.F31/13:8 Sedimentation Bulletins

                Federal Inter-Agency Committee on Recreation

Y3.F31/14:2 General Publications
        F31     Role of the Federal Government in the Field of Public Recreation

                Federal Council for Science and Technology

Y3.F31/16:1 Reports
        1962, 1968, 1969

Y3.F31/16:2 General Publications
        C28             In3             M46                     Sci2/963
        C73/3/968       L11             N69                     T22
        Ed8             M31             P27                     W29
        El2             M33             P27/2/v.1-4             W29/2
        F31             M33/2/973       R31/976

Y3.F31/16:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        In3     Guidelines for the Development of Information Retrieval Thesauri
        St2     Guidelines to Format Standards for Scientific and Technical Reports 

Y3.F31/16:8 ICO Pamphlets
        7-10, 17, 18, 30, 30A

Y3.F31/16:9-2 ICO Informal Reports
        no.4, vol.1 and 2

Y3.F31/16:10 Proceedings of Symposium
        L11     Third Symposium on the Environment of the Federal Laboratory
        T22     Second Symposium on the Environment of the Federal Laboratory

Y3.F31/16:11 Annual Report on Government Patent Policy

Y3.F31/16:12 ICAS Reports
        10a, 18a

Y3.F31/16:13 Interdepartmental Committee for Meteorological Services Publications
        H94     National Hurricane Operations Plan

Y3.F31/16:14 Federal Excavation Technology Program Annual Report

                Federal Radiation Council

Y3.F31/17:2 General Publications
        F19             Federal Radiation Council Position on Current Fallout Levels
        T42/966         Pathological Effects of Thyroid Irradiation

Y3.F31/17:8 Reports

                Federal Committee on Pest Control

Y3.F31/18:2 General Publications
        F31     FCPC  What it is, What it does.  
        M74     Catalog of Federal Pesticide Monitoring Activities in Effect July 1967
        P43     A Study of Federally Financed Research on Pests, Pesticides and Pest Control

Y3.F31/18:9 Pesticides Monitoring Journal

                Federal Labor Relations Authority

Y3.F31/21-3:10-2 Decisions and Reports

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