National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity

Y3.Ec7/2:1 Annual Report
        1973-1975, 1977-1980

                Economic Security Committee

Y3.74:2 General Publications
        R29             Report to the President
        R29/supp.       Supplement to the Report to the President

                Economic Cooperation Administration

Y3.Ec74/3:2 General Publications
        Eu7/2   A Report on Recovery Progress and United States Aid
        M35/9   The Marshall Plan:  A Program of International Cooperation

Y3.Ec74/3:7 Public Advisory Board, Reports
        1, 4, 6, 7, 10-19, 22, 23, 27-40

Y3.Ec74/3:8 Report to Congress on Economic Cooperation Administration
        1 and Suppl.  (for quarter ending June 30, 1948)

Y3.Ec74/3:9 Report to congress on United States Foreign Relief Program
        4 (for quarter ending June 30, 1948)

Y3.Ec74/3:10 European Recovery Program, Country Study
        vol. I-II

Y3.Ec74/3:11 European  Recovery Program, Commodity Study
        C63     Coal and Related Solid Fuels Commodity Study
        N73     Nonferrous Metals
        P44     Petroleum and Petroleum Equipment Commodity Study

Y3.Ec74/3:16 Recovery Guides, Participating Countries
        17, 18, 19

Y3.Ec74/3:17 Marshall Plan News
        vol. 1, nos.1, 2, 4-9

                President's Advisory Commission on Universal Training

Y3.Ed 9/5: Reports
        2N21     A Program for National Security (1947)

                Eight Hour Commission

Y3.Ei4:2 Publications
        R29     Report of the Eight Hour Commission

                Electoral Commission of 1877

Y3.El2 Publications
        P94/2   Proceedings and Count of Electoral Votes

                Federal Election Commission

Y3.El12/3:11 Federal Election Commission Record, Index
        vol. 23, no.9

                Emergency Conservation Work

Y3.Em3:1 Annual Report
        1933/34, 1934, 1936/37

Y3.Em3:2 General Publications
        C15             Camp Stoves and Fireplaces
        C49/8           CCC Forestry
        R29/4/933-35    Report of the Director

                Executive Council

Y3.Ex3/2 Publications
        R29     Report of the Executive Council 1934

                Office of the Administrator of Export Control

Y3.Ex7/2:8 Comprehensive Export Control Schedules

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