Central Statistical Board

Y3.C33/2:1 Annual Reports

                Census of Partial Employment, Unemployment and Occupations

Y3.C33/5:2 General Publications
        R29/3   Unemployment 1937 (vol. I-III)

                Censorship Office

Y3.C33/6:2 General Publications
        W19/2/942-2     Code of Wartime Practices for the American Press

                U.S. National Commission on the International Year of the Child

Y3.C43/3:1 Annual Report

                Civilian Conservation Corps

Y3.C49:1 Annual Report
        1938, 1939

Y3.C49:2 General Publications
        Ac85/939 Activites of the CCC
        C49      Objectives and Results of the Civilian Conservation Corps Program

                Civil War Centennial Commission

Y3.C49/2:1 Reports

Y3.C49/2:2 General Publications
        C49     Facts About the Civil War
        C49/2   The Civil War
        Em1     Emancipation Centennial, 1962
        L22     The Origins of the Land-Grant Colleges and State University
        Ob7     Chronological List of Planned Observances from July 1961-1965
        Un3     The United States on the Eve of the Civil War
        W84     Our Women of the Sixties

Y3.C49/2:9 Military Operations fo the Civil War, Guide Index to Officail Records of the Union and Conferderate Armies
        a/A     Military Operations of the Civil War: A Guide-Index to the "Official Records, Armies"

                Coal Commission

Y3.C63:2 Publications
        R29     U.S. Coal Commission Report, parts I-V

                Coordinator for Industrial Cooperation

Y3.C78:2 General Publications
        In2/2   Reccomendations and Representation of the Council fro Industrial Progress

                Cooperative Enterprise in Europe Committee

Y3.C78/2:2 General Publications
        R29     Report on the Inquirty of Cooperative Enterprise in Europe  1937

                National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works

Y3.C79:1 Reports

Y3.C79:2 General Publications
        Ev1     Evaluation Conference—Transcript of Proceedings 1977 and 1979

                Council of National Defense

Y3.C83:1 Annual Report

                WOMEN’S COMMITTEE
Y3.C83:62 General Publications
        In83    An Interpretive Report  1917-1919
        W19/4   Woman in the War.  Bibliography.

Y3.C83:92 General Publications
        R22/1-2 Readjustment and Reconstruction Information

                Council of National Defense Advisory Commission

Y3.C831:102 General Publications
        Ad9     Functions and Activities
        L11     Labor Speeds Defense

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