Y3.An - Y3.Au

                Anthracite Coal Strike Commission

Y3.An8:2 Publications
        R29     Report , Findings and Award of the United States Anthracite Coal Commission

                Commission of Revision of the Federal Court Appellate System

Y3.Ap4/3:2 General Publications
        C49/973-2       The Geographical Boundaries of the Several Judicial Circuits: 

                Architect of the Capitol

Y3.Ar2:1 Annual Report

                Atlantic-Pacific Interoceanic Canal Study Commission

Y3.At6:1 Report

                Atomic Energy Commission

Y3.At7:1 Annual Report to Congress
        Indexes:  1960-62
	22/961 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-8*

Y3.At7:2 General Publications
        Ac2/963         Em7              L11/2          P87/5/967       R11/34
        Ac2/2           Em7/2            L62            P94/2/966       R11/36
        Ac2/3           Em7/3            M31            P94/2/957-2     R11/38
        At7/14          En2              M53            P94/2/966       R22/4
        At7/17          F19              M56/1          P94/3/969-70    R22/5
        At 7/21         F48/3/961        M56/2          R11/4           R22/6
        At7/22          F48/3/961/Supp.1 N39/2/v.1      R11/7           R22/7
        At7/23          F48/3/961/Supp.2 N426           R11/18/958      R22/8
        At7/24          F48/4            N88            R11/22          R31
        At7/26          F95              N88/5          R11/23          R31/2
        B52             F98              N88/5/v.2      R11/24          R62
        B52/2           G14              N88/6          R11/25          Sa1/2
        C18             G28              N88/9          R11/26          Se4
        C18/3           G28/2            N88/11/964     R11/28/v.1      Sh6
        C18/4           H11              N88/13/965     R11/28/v.2      Sh8
        C18/5           H34              N88/15         R11/28/v.3      So8/963
        C42             H88              Op5            R11/28/v.4      Sp3/967
        C73             In2/2            Op5/2          R11/28/v.5      Su1/2
        C61             In3/958          P87/4          R11/28/v.6      T22/6
        C76/951         In3/2            P31/2964       R11/29          Un33/2/v.1-4
        C76/2/967       Is7/954          P56/2/970      R11/30          W37
        C76/3           Is 7/3/955       P74/970        R11/31          W37/962
        C83             Is 7/957         P87/4/app.     R11/32          W37/964
        D62             Is7/7/957        P87/4/supp.967 R11/33

Y3.At7:6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions
        Ae8             Handbook on Aerosols
        C76             Methods for Obtaining Construction Economy
        L61/964         Conditions and Limitations on the General License Provisions of
                                0 CRF 150.20
        M56/955         Liquid Metals Handbook
        Ur1/955         Manual of Analytical Methods for the Determination of Uranium and
                                Thorium in Their Ores  

Y3.At7:6-2 Atomic Energy Commission Rules and Regulations
        1968, 1969

Y3.At7:6-3 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides
        N39             Neutron Absorber Materials for Reactor Control
        P56/v.3         Naval Reactors Physics Handbook
        P96             Pump Operating Procedure
        R11/964         Interagency Radiological Assistance Plan
        R11/2           Medical Aspects of Radiation Accidents
        R11/3/69        Radiological Emergency Procedures for the Non-Specialist
        R11/4           Low-Level Radioactive Wastes
        R11/5/969       How to Get a License to Use Radioscopes
        R31             Criteria and Procedures for Determining Eligibility for Access to
                                Restricted Data or Defense Information
        T68/965         Handbook for Transportation of Radioactive Materials
        Ur1             Uranium Dioxide
        W45             Workmanship Manual for Welding

Y3.At7:6-4 AEC Licensing Guides
        M46/2/965       Medical Programs
        M46/2/972       Medical Programs
        Op2             Operators’ Licenses
        R11/967         Industrial Radiography
        R11/970         Industrial Radiography
        T23/965         Teletherapy Programs

Y3.At7:8 Declassified Documents
        ANL-4153        Volatilization of Uranium From Uranium-Impregnated Graphite
        ANL-4196        Energy of Activation of Dislocated Carbon Atoms 
        NYO-1315        The Roasting of Pitchblende Ore

Y3.At7:11 Abstracts of Declassified Documents
        1947, vol.1

Y3.At7:12 Isotopes Branch Circulars
        A-2, A-3, A-6, A-7
        B-4, B-5, B-6
        C-5, C-6, C-8, C-11

Y3.At7:16-3 New Nuclear Data, Annual Cumulations
        1957, 1959

Y3.At7:16-4 Nuclear Data Tables

Y3.At7:17 Semiannual Reports

Y3.At7:20 Radiation Instrument Catalog
        2 (pt.1 and 2)
Y3.At7:22 AEC Research and Development Reports

Y3.At7:27 Isotopics
        1-1, 1-2, 1-3
        2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4
        3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4
        4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4
        5-1, 5,2
        6-1, 6-2, 6-3

Y3.At7:28-3 AFC Technical Information Bulletin

Y3.At7:32 Nuclear Notes For Industry
        1-3, 8-54, 9-54, 10-54, 11-54, 12-54
        1955; complete set
        1-13-56, 1-27-56, 3-56, 9-56, 10-56, 12-56
        1-57, 4-57

Y3.At7:34 Addresses
        B73     Radiation in Perspective
        H31/6   Scientists and Society
        R14/6   The Requirements Merry-Go-Round in Government Research and Development
        Se1/16  The Creation of a Scientist
        T72/6   The Nuclear Industry

Y3.At7:36 Reactor and Fuel Processing Technology

Y3.At7:37 Reactor Fuel Processing

Y3.At7:38 Reactor Materials
        vol. 1-12,13 (nos. 1-3 only)

Y3.At7:39 Annual Financial Report
        1963, 1964, 1967-1971, 1972 & suppl., 1973 & suppl., 1974 & suppl., 1975 
Y3.At7:42 Trilinear Chart of Nuclides
        1957 and Revision sheets 3-10
        1958 Revision sheet 1
        1959 Revision Sheet 4
        1960 Revision Sheet 8

Y3.At7:43 Living with Radiation

Y3.At7:44 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        N47             AEC News Release Index Supplement 1955-57
        N47             AEC News Release Index 1958-1967
        R11             Radioscope Experiments in High School Biology
        T22/965         Technical Books and Monographs
        T22/3           Proceedings of Technical Meetings 1958, 1961
        T22/4           Selected Technical Translations

Y3.At7:45 Nuclear Safety

Y3.At7:48 Atomic Energy Research in Life and Physical Sciences

Y3.At7:51 Research and Development Abstracts of USAEC, RDA
        1-4, 6-8

Y3.At7:52 Isotopes and Radiation Technology
        vol. 7-9

Y3.At7:53 Nuclear Theory Reference Book

Y3.At7:54 Understanding the Atom Series
        Ac2             C62             G28             P87             R22
        Ac2/969         C73             L33             P87/2/966       R22/2
        An5             C88             M58             P87/4           Sa1
        At7             D45             N39/2           P87/5           Sci2
        Ag8             En2             N66             R11             Sn1
        At7             F19             N88/2           R11/3           Sp3
        At7/2           F95             Oc2/968         R11/4/969       T28
        B63             F95/2           P72             R11/5           ind/967
        C18             F98             P73             R11/6           ind/970

Y3.At7:54-2 World of the Atom Series Booklets
        008, 009, 013, 414

Y3.At7:56 Nuclear Industry

                Aviation Advisory Commission

Y3.Au5:1 Report

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