Y3.Ad - Y3.Am

                Advisory Committee on Fiscal Relations Study

Y3.Ad9/1:1 Reports
        D63     Fiscal Relations Between the United States and the District of Columbia

                Advisory Committee on Education

Y3.Ad9/2:2 General Publications
        F31     The Federal Government and Education
        R29     Report of the Committee

Y3.Ad9/2:7 Staff Studies

                Advisory Commission on Universal Training

Y3.Ad9/5:2 General Publications
        N21     A Program for National Security  

                Advisory Committee on Weather Control

Y3.Ad9/6:1 Annual Report
        1957 (vol. I and II)

                Advisory Commission on Information

Y3.Ad9/7:1 Annual Report
        1956-67, 1969, 1972-73, 1977

                Air Coordinating Committee

Y3.Ai7/3:2 General Publications
C76     The Convertiplane
N22     International Symposium on the U.S. Domestic Short Distance Navigation
        System—VORTAC—and its relationship to the International Air Navigation System

                Airways Modernization Board

Y3.Ai7/4:2 General Publications
        P94/957-958     Program Progress Report

                Federal Reconstruction and Development Planning Commission for Alaska

Y3.Al1s/3:2 General Publications
        D63     Response to Disaster

                Office of Alien Property Custodian

Y3.Al4:1 Annual Reports

Y3.AL1s/4:2 General Publications
	N21 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-8*

                American Battle Monuments Commission

Y3.Am3:2 General Publications
        Ar2             Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial
        B32/938         American Armies and Battlefields in Europe
        B77	        Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial
        C14	        Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial
        C33/970         American Memorials and Overseas Memorial Cemeteries
        F61             Flanders Field American Cemetery  and Memorial
        G94             American Battle Fields in Europe
        H75             Honolulu Memorial National Cemetery of the Pacific
        M31/967         Manila American Cemetery and Memorial
        M57             Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial 
        N38/970         Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial
        N81af/971       North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial
        Sa2m            St.Mihiel American Cemetery and Memorial
        Si1/970         Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial
        Su7             Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial
        W89             Division Summary of Operations in the World War
                                Divisions 1-5, 7, 26-30, 32, 33, 35-37, 42, 77-82, 89-93

                American Samoan Commission

Y3.Am3/2:2 Publications
        R29     American Samoan Commission’s Visit to Samoa and Report

                American Commission for Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic
                                Monuments in War Areas

Y3.Am3/4:2 Publications
        R29     1946 Report

                American Revolution Bicentennial Administration

Y3.Am3/6:1 Reports
        First Report  (vol. I)
        Second Report  (vol. I-III)
        Final Report (vol. I-V)

Y3.Am3/6:2  General Publications
        Ac4     Call for Achievement
        Ar2     Above Ground Archaeology
        C12     Comprehensive Calendar of Bicentennial Events
        C73     Communities Activities Directory (vol. I-II)
        D65     Documents of Democracy
        Et3     National Bicentennial Ethnic Racial Council
        Et3/2   Bicentennial Ethnic Racial Report
                        January 1976 
                        April 1976
        H78     Horizons ’76 Ideabook
        H78/3   Horizons on Display: Guide to the 200 sites
        H78/4   Horizons on Display: Handbook for Involvement
        J33     The American Bicentennial Jazz Celebration
        M27     Magna Carta and the Tradition of Liberty
        N21     National Calendar of Bicentennial Events
        R26     Master Register of Bicentennial Projects
        W27     Metropolitan Washington Area Bicentennial Calendar
        W84     Women Involved: A Report on the Bicentennial Achievements of Women

Y3.Am3/6:7 Bicentennial Era
        1,1     1,5     2,1
        1,4     1,6     2,5
        Special Issue:  Report to the President

Y3.Am3/6:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        Ac2     Low Cost Accommodations
        Sp3     Speakers Manual
        Sy6     American Revolution Bicentennial Symbol

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