W91 - W110: Chemical Corps - Historical Division

                Chemical Corps

W91.2 General Publications
        C27     A Comparative Study of World War Causalities from Gas and Other Weapons
        C59     Proceedings of a Board of the Chemical Warfare Service

                American Expeditionary Forces

W95.1 Annual Reports

W95.2 General Publications
        G31     Histories of 251 German Divisions
        G31/2   American Representation in Occupied Germany

                Inland and Coastwise Waterways Service

W101.2 General Publications
        T68     Transportation Facilities on Inland Waterways

                Inland Waterways Corporation

W103.1 Annual Reports

                U.S. High Commissioner to Philippine Islands

W105.1 Annual Reports

                Public Relations Division

W107.2 General Publications
        So4     The Soldier

                Army Air Force

W108.1 Annual Reports

W108.7 Air Force News Letter
        1940-41, 1943-46

W108.25 Aviation Psychology Program Research Reports
        1-3, 5-19

                Services of Supply

W109.102 General Publications
        P93     P.F.C. Mary Brown
        So4     Soldier Shows
        Y       Hi Yank!  The Army Show

W109.110 Pocket Guides
        C44/1-2 Pocket Guide to China
        N38/1-2 Pocket Guide to Netherlands East Indies
        Sy8     A Short Guide to Syria

W109.114 Soldier Shows, Blueprint Specials
        Ab7     About Face

W109.215 Pocket Guides				
        B92     Pocket Guide to Burma
                Historical Division 

W110.7 American Forces in Action Series
	Sa3/1-2 *Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize*

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