W70 - W79: National Guard Bureau - Canal Zone

                National Guard Bureau

W70.1 Annual Reports
        1921-41, 1946-49

W70.5 Roster of Organized Militia of United States

W70.7 Militia Bureau Regulations

                Isthmian Canal Commission

W73.1 Annual Reports
        1899-1901, 1907-13

W73.2 General Publications
        B77     Report of  Joseph L. Bristow
        Is7/1   Isthmian Canal—Goethals—1909
        Is7/2   Isthmian Canal—H.H.Rousseau
        M46/2   Measurements of Vessels for the Panama Canal
        P18/1   Panama and Panama Canal   1856-1903
        P18/2   Reports of  Isthmian Canal Commission 1899-1901
        P19/10  Panama Canal Traffic and Tolls

W73.8 Canal Record
        1-12, 20

W73.12 Miscellaneous Special Reports of Chairman, Engineers, Etc.

                Quartermaster Corps

W77.2 General Publications
        C63     Protective and Decorative Coatings
        F95     Report on Fuel Tests and the Issue of Fuel, 1914
        N21/2   National Cemetery Regulations  1947

W77.36 Q.M.C. Historical Studies

                Canal Zone

W79.1 Annual Report of Governors
        1899-1901 (vol.1-3), 1904-48

W79.2 General Publications
        H19     Official Handbook of the Panama Canal
        T71     Treaties and Acts of Congress Relating to the Panama Canal  1917

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