W42 - W45: Signal Office - War Records Office

                Signal Office

W42.1 Annual Reports
        1881, 1919

W42.2 General Publications
        Ir7     Letter from the Secretary of War Relating to Irrigation and Water Storage in
                        Arid Regions  May 23, 1890

W42.5 Arctic Series

W42.11/1 Professional Papers of Signal Service
        1, 3, 4, 13, 15

W42.11/2 Professional Papers of Signal Corps
        M91     Multiplex Telephony and Telegraphy

W42.14 Signal Service Notes

W42.29 Radio Communication Pamphlets

W42.30 Wire Communication Pamphlets 

                Medical Department

W44.1 Annual Reports
        1865-68, 1880-84, 1886-95, 1897-99
        1902-03, 1905-10, 1912, 1914-17, 1919-22

W44.2 General Publications
        D18     Defects Found in Drafted Men
        N39     Manual of Neuro-Surgery
        T98     Report on the Origin and Spread of Typhoid Fever During the Spanish War of 1898,
                        vol.1-2 *Vol.2 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-8*

W44.3 Bulletins

W44.19 Medical Department of United States Army in World War
		War Records Office

W45.5  War of Rebellion, Compilation of Official Records of Union and Confederate Armies

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