W31 - W37: Mississippi River Commission - Provost Marshal General

                Mississippi River Commission

W31.1 Annual Reports
        1881-84, 1890, 1893

W31.2 General Publications
        D45     Descriptions, Elevations and Geodentic Positions of Permanent Marks
        D63     Results of Discharge Observations—Mississippi River and its Tributaries and
                         Outlets 1838-1923, 1931-37
	Maps of Dredging Operations Cairo, ILL to St. Paul, MN*
	St1/2   Stages and Discharge Observations Lower Valley of the Mississippi River  
                January 1-June 30, 1937
	*Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-8*

W31.5 Stages of the Mississippi River and its Principal Tributaries

W31.10 The Experiment Station Hydraulics Bulletin
	*Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-9*
	v.1/3	v.3/1
	v.2/2	v.3/2
	v.2/3	v.4/1

                Missouri River Commission

W32.6 Stages of the Missouri River

                Northern and Northwestern Lakes Survey

W33.3 Bulletins
        20, 24
        42 and Suppl.2-7
        Supplements 2-7 for volume 43
        44 and Suppl. 1-6
        Supplements 1, 3-6 for volume 45
        46 and Suppl. 1-7
        Supplements 1-7 for volume 47

                Ordnance Department

W34.1/2 Indexes to Annual Reports

W34.2 General Publications
        Ar7/3   Handbook of American Coast Artillery Material
        B21/7   Exterior Ballistic Tables v.1
        C16     Strength and Other Properties of Metal for Cannon
        G95     Gun Making in U. S.
        M56     Ordnance Department Miscellaneous Publications
        N43     Fixation Utilization of Nitrogen
        P99     Military Pyrotechnics  v.1-3

W34.10 Ordnance Memoranda
        14, 17-18, 20-21, 25-27, 29

W34.14 Tests of Metals at Watertown Arsenal
      Shelved in West Campus Storage 20-Q-1

W34.34 Firing Tables

                Provost Marshal General

W37.1 Annual Reports

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