W2 - W3: General Staff Corps - Adjutant General’s Department

                General Staff Corps

W2.1 Annual Reports
        1939-44, 1945 and Suppl.

W2.2 General Publications
        L22/2   Rules of Land Warfare 1914
        W21     The War With Germany

                Adjutant General’s Department

W3.1/1 Annual Reports to Secretary of War

W3.2 General Publications
        C81     Correspondence Relating to the War with Spain
        L61     Protective Lighting
        M46/6   Congressional Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, and the
                  Distinguished Service Medal
        M46/9   Decorations U.S. Army  1862-1926

W3.11 Army Register

W3.20 Military Commands and Posts, Etc.

W3.29 Basic Field Manual and Soldier's Handbook

W3.33 Militia Affairs Division
        R26/910         Organized Militia

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