T22 -T25: Internal Revenue Service - Lighthouse Board

		Internal Revenue Service

T22.1  Annual Report
	1863, 1865, 1883, 1899, 1900, 1902-1904, 1906-1914, 1919-1975

T22.2  Chief Counsel:  Annual Report
	C49/5	Citation of Internal Revenue Treasury Decisions
	H62	History of the Internal Revenue Service, 1791-1929

T22.8  Digest of Decisions and Regulations
	v. 26-37

T22.9  Internal Revenue Law in Force
	1927, 1954

T22.17  Regulations, Series 7
	1-86, 88-91, 93-113, 115-116

T22.19/2  Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
	G23	Gauging Manual  1970

T22.22  Bulletins, Income Tax
	1923-25, 1927

T22.24 Digest of Income Tax Rulings

T22.24/2  Internal Revenue Bulletin.  Bi-Monthly Digest

T22.25/2  Digest of Income Tax Rulings

T22.29  Internal Revenue Regulations and Instructions
	G23/5	Gauging Manual
	Oi5/2	Manual for the Oil and Gas Industry

T22.32  Laws
	P94	Prohibition Enforcement  1923

T22.43  Alcohol and Tobacco, Summary Statistics

		Life-Saving Service

T24.1 Annual Report
	1881, 1889, 1905-06, 1908-14

		Lighthouse Board

T25.1 Annual Reports
	1852, 1899, 1901

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