T1: Department of Treasury

		Department of Treasury

T1.1  Annual Report of the Secretary
	1790-1850, 1852-1870, 1872-1894, 1896-1905, 1907-1975

T1.1/2  Office of Revenue Sharing
	1974-78, 1980

T1.2  General Publications
	Ag8		B86/2		C86/3			Ec7
	As7/3		B96		C86/4			Em7
	Au2		C17		D26/2			En2
	Ap6/1		C17/2		D26/3 - D26/7		En8
	B22/6		C26		D26/11			En8/2
	B22/8		C41/2		D35/5			In8/2
	B22/9		C62		D35/6			L78/2
	B64/4		C66/4		D44/3			Sa32/1
	B77/1		C73/6		D64			Sp3/1
	B77/2		C73/10		D69			T19/19

T1.3  Treasury Bulletin
T1.10  Regulations, Rules and Instructions
	In7/1	Commercial Intercourse
	In7/2	Local Rules for the First Agency, September 11, 1863
	In7/3	Rules and Regulations Concerning Commercial Intercourse	

T1.12  Digest and Indexes of Treasury Decisions

T12.5 Abstract of Reports of Condition of National Banks
	*Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-8*
	Nos. 172-188

T1.16  Cuba and Puerto Rico Special Commissioner
	C89/2	Commercial and Industrial Condition of the Island of Cuba

T1.17  Puerto Rico Special Commissioner
	P83/2	Report on the Island of Porto Rico

T1.22  Pan-American Financial Conference - 1915
	P2	Proceedings of the First Pan-American Financial Conference

T1.22/2  Pan-American Financial Conference - 1920 
	P2	Report of the President

T1.23/2  General Publications
	Or3	Reports of the Secretary
	Sp3	Report on the First Pan-American Conference on Uniformity of Specifications

T1.30	Public Works of Art Project
	R29	Report of the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury

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