TD5 - Coast Guard

                Coast Guard

TD5.2 General Publications
        M53/2   Merchant Marine Engineering Examination Illustration Book
        M53/3   Merchant Marine Deck Examination Illustration Book  Oct.1987, 1992
        M53/4   Engineering General Subjects  vol. 1-2
        M53/5   Rules of the Road  1988, 1989, 1992
        M53/6   Motor Plants  1988
        M53/7   Electricity  1988
        M53/8   Steam Plants  1988
        M53/9   Deck General  vol.1-2
        M53/10  Deck Safety   1988, 1989 (vol.1-2, and suppl.)
        M53/11  Limited Licenses, Able Seaman, Lifeboatman and Tankerman, vol.1-2  1988
        M53/12  Navigation Problems   1988 (vol.1-2),  1990 (vol.1-2)
        M53/13  Navigation General  1988 (vol.1), 1989 (vol.1-2)
        M53/14  Engineering Safety 1988
        M53/16  New and Revised Questions May 1994
        M53/17  New and Revised Engineering Questions  August 1994
        M53/18  Light Lists and Coast Pilots

TD5.9   Light Lists

TD5.12/2 Merchant Vessels of United States

TD5.18 Oceanographic Reports
        1-58, 60-63, 65-70, 72-75

TD5.19 Register of Officers and Cadets
        1968-72, 1974-79, 1983

TD5.19/2 Register of Reserve Officers
        1968-76, 1978

TD5.57 Merchant Marine Examination Questions
        1992:  2-4, 11-15

TD5.57/2 Operating Instruction for Merchant Marine Examination Quests Books, Navigation
          General Book

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