S6: International Exhibits and Expositions

                International Exhibits and Expositions

S6.9 Paris, Universal Exposition, 1867
        R29/3   Reports of the U.S. Commissioners Vol. I-VI

S6.10 Paris, Universal Exposition, 1878
        R29     Reports of the United States Commissioners  vol. I-V

S6.11 Paris, Universal Exposition, 1889
        R29     Reports of the United States Commissioners, vol. I-V

S6.13 Philadelphia, International Exhibition, 1876
        R29     Report of the Director General, vol. I-XI

S6.14 Vienna, International Exhibition, 1873
        R29/1   Reports of the Commissioners of the United States, vol. I-II, IV
S6.15 Nashville, Tennessee, Centennial Exposition, 1897
        R29     Report on the United States Government Exhibit at the Exposition

S6.20 Education and Research in Agriculture and Home Economics in the United States

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