S5: International Congresses, Conferences, and Commissions

                International Congresses, Conferences, and Commissions

S5.8 Intercontinental Railway Commission
        R29/1   Condensed Report and Report of Corps No.1-3

S5.9/1 International American Conference, 1st, Washington, 1889-1890
        R29     Reports of Committees and Discussions Thereon, vol. I-IV

S5.10 International Marine Conference, Washington, 1889
        1889, vol.3

S5.13 Monetary Conferences

S5.14 Pan-American Scientific Congress, Santiago, Chile, 1908-09
        Report, 1909

S5.14/2 Pan-American Scientific Congress, 2d Santiago, Chile, 1915-16
        1-11, Final Act

S5.14/3 Pan American Scientific Congress, 3d Lima, Peru, 1924-25
Report, 1925

S5.14/5 American Scientific Congress, 8th, Washington, D.C., May 10-18, 1940
        P94     Proceedings of the Eighth American Scientific Congress, vol.1-XII

S5.18/1 International Prison Congress
        1872/1, 1872/2, 1895, 1900

S5.18/2 International Prison Commission
        C86     New Legislation Concerning Crimes, Misdemeanors, and Penalties   1900

S5.22 Pan-Pacific Educational Conference, 1st Honolulu, August 1921
        C       Conference on Central American Affairs, 1922

S5.24 Conference of Oil Pollution of Navigable Waters

S5.25 International Radiotelegraph Conference of Washington, 1927
        C64     Report of the use of Codes and Code Language
        D78/3   Draft of International Radio Convention and Annexed Government Regulations
        P94     Proposals for the International Radiotelegraph Conference of Washington
        R26     General Regulations and Supplementary Regulations

S5.26 International Radiotelegraph Conference of Madrid, 1932
        R29     Report of the Delegation of the United States

S5.27 International Radiotelegraph Conference, Paris, 1925
        C64     Documents of the Committee for the Study of Code Language

S5.27/2 International Telegraph Conference, Brussels, 1928
        D37     Tabulations of Data Furnished by American Users
        R29     Report of the American Delegation

S5.28 International Civil Aeronautics Conference, Washington, Dec. 12-14, 1928
        P94/2   Proceedings of the Conference

S5.29 International Conference for Revision of Convention of 1914 for Safety of Life at Sea,
           London, Apr. 16-May 31, 1919
        C76     Convention and Final Act

S5.30 Conference Series
        1-24, 28, 30-53, 55, 57, 59-60, 63-64, 67, 69-71, 73, 77, 79, 82-95, 97-99, 101, 103-105

S5.31 Permanent International Association of Road Congress
        Ac1     Acts
        P94     Proceedings of the Congress
        R12     Reports—Sixth Congress  1930

S5.32 Inter-American Conference on Agriculture, Forestry, and Animal Industry, Washington,
            Sept.8-20, 1930
        Ac8     Final Act of the Inter-American Conference on Agriculture
        D65     Documentary Material On the Interamerican Conference on Agriculture,
                        Forestry and Animal Industry
        D85     Documentary Material on the Inter-American Conference on Agriculture,
                        Forestry and Animal Industry
        R29     Report of the Delegates of the U. S. A. To the Inter-American Conference on
                        Agriculture  1930
S5.33 International Commission of Inquiry into Existence of Slavery and Forced Labor in
           Republic of Liberia
        R29     Slavery and Forced Labor in the Republic of Liberia

S5.34 Pan American Child Congress, 6th July, Lima
        R29     Report of the Delegate at the Sixth Pan American Child Congress

S5.39 International Congress of Military Medicine and Pharmacy
        R29     Tenth International Congress

S5.47 Anglo-American Caribbean Commission Publications
        R29     Report of the Commission to the Governments of the United States and
                     Great Britain

S5.48 National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
        Af8             Blueprint for American Community Programs on Africa
        Af8/2           Films on Africa
        Am3             American Citizen’s Stake in the Progress of the Less Developed Areas of
                                the World
        Am3/2           The American Interest in UNESCO
        As4             A Selected Bibliography of Books, Films, Filmslides, Records and
                                Exhibitions About Asia
        As4/2           Indonesia: A Case Study in Asian-American Understanding
        As4/2/supp      Paths of Action Toward Asian-American Understanding and Cooperation
        C76/6           Turn East Toward Asia—Sixth National Conference Report  
        C76/6           Seventh National Conference Program 1959        
        C76/6           Seventh National Conference Report 1959
        C76/6           Ninth National Conference 1963 9-3, 9-13, 9-14, 9-19
        F76/2           Forging the Links
        H88/3           Human Rights Day—A Guide for Community Programs   1962
        H88/5           International Human Rights and International Education
        N47             UNESCO in the News
        Un3/8           UNESCO in a Decisive Decade
        Un3/10          The United States and UNESCO:  Challenges for the Future
        W89/3           Two Sides of One World
        W89/5           Mind your World:  A Citizen’s Guide to International Understanding

S5.48/2 National Commission News
        1/7-1/11, 2/1-2/12

S5.48/14 U.S. National Commission for UNESCO Memos
        En8     Special Issue—What is Man That Thou Art Mindful of Him?
        In8/970 Special Issue—International Education Year  1970

S5.49 List of Official International Conferences and Meetings
        28, 953/2, 953/3, 953/4, 954/1-954/4, 955/1-955/4, 956/1-956/2, 957/1-957/4
        958/1-958/4, 959/1-959/4, 960/1-960/4, 961/1-961/4

S5.50/2 North Atlantic Treaty Organization Publications (Non-Government)
        D36     United States Defense Industry Guide for conducting Business with NATO
                        Organizations and Member Countries

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