SI1: Smithsonian Institution

                Smithsonian Institution

SI1.1 Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution
        846-860, 862, 864-975

SI1.2  General Publications
        A97     Remarks on the Type of the Fossil Cetacean Agorophius pygmaeus
        As83    Report of Astrophysical Observatory 1891-1901
        Co7	*Shelved in West Campus Storage 82-K-5*
        In8     List of Publications of the Smithsonian Institute
        M28     Neither snow, nor rain...
        M57/6   American Property Rights in Mexico
        N51/2   Niagara Falls
        N63     Sources of Nitrogen Compounds in the United States
        Sm4/8   The Smithsonian Institute:  A Description of its Work
        Sm6/2   The Smithsonian Institution  1846-1896
        Sm6/12  The First Hundred Years of the Smithsonian Institute
        Sm6/13  Conference on the Future of the Smithsonian Institution,  February 11, 1927
SI1.6  Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge
        1-7, 9-19, 22-24, 26-35

SI1.7 Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collection
        1-2, 4-17, 19-108, 110-117, 119, 153

SI1.11 Harriman Alaska Series
        vol. 1-5
        vol. 8, pt. 1
        vol. 9, pt. 2
        vol. 10-14

SI1.12  Annuals of Astrophysical Observatory
        2/8, 7

SI1.13  Explorations and Field-Work of Smithsonian Institution
        927, 929-940

SI1.14  War Background Studies
        4, 6, 8*-9, 11, 13-21
	*Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize*

SI1.16  Institute of Social Anthropology Publications

SI1.22  Publications in Salvage Archeology
        1-10, 12-13

SI1.25 ATOLL Research Bulletin

SI1.27  Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology

SI1.28 Smithsonian Studies in History and Technology

SI1.29 Phylogenetic Systematics as the Basis of Comparative Biology

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