PrEx5 - PrEx9:

                National Aeronautics and Space Council

PrEx5.9 Report to the Congress
        1962-63, 1965-68, 1970-72

                Office of Science and Technology

PrEx8.2 General Publications
        Au8                             F31                             P81
        B39                             H34                             P87
        B52                             H34/2                           Se1
        Ea7                             H81                             So4
        El2                             H81/2                           Su1
        En2                             J51                             Sp1
        En2/2                           L11                             St3
        En2/3                           M66                             Sy8
        En8                             N21                             T93
        En8/2                           P43                             W29
        En8/3                           Oi5                             Y8

PrEx8.9 Federal Water Resources Research Program for Fiscal Year
        1965-71, 1973-74

                Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

PrEx9.2 General Publications
        R29     Report to the President, the Congress and the Special Representative for Trade

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