PrEx3 - National Security Council

                Maps and Atlases

PrEx3.104/4 Peoples Republic of China
        C44 (SHELVED IN 82-K-5)

PrEx4 - Office of Emergency Preparedness

                Office of Emergency Preparedness

PrEx4.1 Annual Reports

PrEx4.1/2 Progress Report, Statistical Reports

PrEx4.2 General Publications
        At8     After Attack, What?
        D63     Federal Disaster Assistance
        D63/2   Disaster Preparedness
        Ea7     Report of the Earthquake Seminar 
        Ec7     Regional Economic Stabilization Conference
        En2     The Potential for Energy Conservation
        Ex3     Executive Orders:  Prescribing Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities
        G29     Geologic Hazards and Public Problems
        G74     The 1961 Governors’ Conference and Civil Defense
        G74/2   Help Assure Continuity of Your State and Local Government
        G74/3   An Explanation of the Constitution Amendment for Continuity of Government
        H94     Hurricane Betsy
        In3     Stemming Inflation
        N21p    The National Plan for Emergency Preparedness
        Of2     About the Office of Emergency Planning
        Oi5     Report on Crude Oil and Gasoline Price Increases of November 1970
        P94     Psychological and Social Adjustment in a Simulated Shelter
        R26     Summary Report on Regional Conferences
        W12     Wage and Salary Stabilization Programs
PrEx4.4 OEP Circulars
        4000.1A                 4000.7C
        4000.7B                 6500.1

PrEx4.6/8 National Plan for Emergency Preparedness 
        1964 (including Index)
        Chapter 1 and Appendix A

PrEx4.8/2 Civil and Defense Mobilization Directory
        1961, ch.1

PrEx4.9 Stockpile Report to Congress

PrEx4.12 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        D63     Date With Disaster
        M32     Maps Description and Uses
        P75     Basic Auxiliary Police
        W37     Nuclear Weapons Phenomena and Characteristics

PrEx4.18 NREC Technical Reports

PrEx4.18/3 NREC Technical Manuals
        119/2 and revision, 121, 121/3

PrEx4.18/4 Publications
        D18     Criteria For Measuring Effectiveness of Damage Assessment Systems
        G14     NREC Programs Gaming the Logistics of National Survival
        N21r    The Role of NREC In Emergency Preparedness
        R31/2   The Application of Statistics to the Resource Management Program

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