PrEx16 - PrEx17: Office of Consumer Affairs - Cost of Living Council

                Office of Consumer Affairs

PrEx16.2 General Publications
        Ed8     An Approach to Consumer Education for Adults
        Or3     Forming Consumer Organizations
        St2     State Consumer Action  Summary ’71 and ’72
        St2/2   Directory:  State, County and City Government Consumer Offices

PrEx16.8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        Se6     Guide to Federal Consumer Services
PrEx16.9 Consumer News
        1/13-1/18 and Index
        2/1-2/12 and Index
        2/13-2/24 and Index
        3/1-3/6, 3/8, 3/10-3/12, 3/14-3/24

PrEx16.10 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        Ed8     Consumer Education Bibliography
        Ex3     Report on Executive Compensation
        In3     Inflation

		Cost of Living Council

PrEx17.2 General Publications

PrEx17.9 Economic Stabilization Program
        1972:  1-4
        1973:  1-4
        1974:  1

PrEx17.10 Economic Stabilization Program
        F73/2   Phase IV:  Final Food Regulations
        F87     Freeze and Phase IV
        F87/2   The Freeze
        F87/3   Freeze Facts
        H79     Effective Managerial Control of Acute Care Hospitals Under the Phase IV
        H79/2   Acute Care Hospitals Planning and Executing Capital Projects Under Cost Controls
        In7     Phase IV Insurance, Health and Procedural Regulations
        Oi5     Phase IV Oil Regulations
        P49/2   Phase I V Announcement  no. 1-2
        P49/3   Final Phase IV Regulations

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