N21 - N32: Bureau of Yards and Docks - Office of Naval Research

                Bureau of Yards and Docks

N21.1 Annual Reports
        1922-28, 1929-32, 1933-37

N21.2 General Publications
        B86/2   Building the Navy’s Bases in World War II (vol. 1-2)
        D84/2   United States Naval Dry Dock Construction
        W89     Activities of the Bureau of Yards and Docks

N21.8 Confidential Bulletins
        38, 39, 41

N21.10 Standard Specifications
        3Yb     Standards of Design for Concrete

N21.15 Regulations, Rules and Instructions
        Au8     Automotive Preventive Maintenance Manual
        C73     Commercial Traffic Regulations 1915

                Coast Guard

N24.39 Coast Guard at War Series
        4-30 (incomplete series)

                Bureau of Ships

N29.2 General Publications
        G21/5   Gas Turbine Gas Charts

                Office of Public Relations

N31.2 General Publications
        Ab8     Glossary of U.S. Naval Abbreviations

                Office of Naval Research

N32.2 General Publications
        Ar2     Across the Top of the World
        N22     Office of Naval Research

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