N16 - N18: Naval Records and Library Office - Bureau of Ordnance

                Naval Records and Library Office

N16.2 General Publications
        R26     Register of Officers of the Confederate States Navy  1861-65
        W89     American Ship Causalities of the World War

N16.9 Monographs, Historical Section Publications

                Bureau of Naval Personnel

N17.2 General Publications
        In8     Problem of Interoceanic Communication by Way of the American Isthmus
        M46     Record of Medals of Honor
        W89     Officers and Enlisted Men of the United States Naval Service Who Died During the
                        World War  1920 

                Bureau of Ordnance

N18.2 General Publications
        N22/3   Navy Ordnance Activities World War  1917-18
N18.7 Ordnance Instructions for Navy
        1512, 1618

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