N1 - Department of the Navy

                Department of the Navy

N1.1 Annual Reports
        1862-64, 1866-68, 1875, 1878-81, 1883, 1885, 1897, 1898, 1899-1904
        1907-1942, 1946-68

N1.2 General Publications
        Ar5/1           Armored Vessels
        B68             The Bluejackets’ Manual
        C71             A Report on American Coals
        C83/3           Naval Courts and Boards  1917
        C83/5           Naval Courts and Boards 1937
        D64             Diving Manual  1916
        D69             Diving Manual  1943
        Eu7             Report of European Ships of War  1878
        G93/1           The Island of Guam
        G93/3           Dictionary and Grammar of the Chamorro Language of the Island of Guam
        H12,H14         Hague and Geneva Conventions   1911  
        N22/8           The United States Navy in Peace Time
        N22/9           The United States Navy
        N22/10          The Navy at Sea and Shore
        Sa4/4           American Samoa
        V63/2           The Design and Methods of Construction of Welded Steel Merchant Vessels
        V81             Virgin Islands of the United States

N1.8 Explorations and Surveys
        H14/2           Narrative of the North Polar Expedition
        H43/1           Valley of the Amazon I and II
        H43/2           Herndon’s Valley of the Amazon Maps, Part I
        H43/6           Maps—Gibbon’s Report
        P42/1, P42/4    United States Japan Expedition by Com. M. C. Perry  vol. I and II
        Se4             Report of Explorations for a Ship-Canal, Isthmus of Darien

N1.9 Compilations of Laws
        1921, 1929/suppl. 

N1.11/1 Navy Regulations
        1900, 1920

N1.14 General Court Martial Orders
        1916-37 (vol. 1-2, Index)

N1.19 Regulations, Rules, and Instruction
        Sa1/3   Industrial Poisons and Dangerous Substances  Sec. 4
        Sa1/4   U.S. Navy Manual of Safety Equipment

N1.29/2 General Publications
        N22     Naval Consulting Board of the United States

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