NS: National Science Foundation - Office of Science Information Service

                National Science Foundation

NS1.1 Annual Report

NS1.2 General Publications
        C44             Professional Manpower and Education in Communist China
        C44/2/949-63    Scientific Engineering Manpower in Communist China, 1949-1963
        C73/5           A National Computing Environment for Academic Research        
        F11/974         Young and Senior Science and Engineering Faculty, 1974
        L22             Extending the Human Life Span: Social Policy and Social Ethics
        Un33            Education and Professional Employment in the USSR
NS1.3/2 Scientific Manpower Bulletin

NS1.8 List of International and Foreign Scientific and Technical Meetings
        1953, no.4 - 1959, no.1

NS1.9 Quarterly Report, Government Sponsored and Government Supported Research
        6-14, pt.1

NS1.10 Federal Grants and Contracts for Unclassified Research in Life Sciences

NS1.10/2 Federal Grants and Contracts for Unclassified Research in Physical Sciences

NS1.10/4 Federal Grants and Contracts for Fiscal Year
        1964-79, 1982

NS1.11 Reviews of Data on Research and Development

NS1.12 Projects for College Teachers of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
        957             959-2           961-62          963-64
        958             960             963             963-64-2
        958-2           960-2           963-2           964-65
        959             960-61          963-3

NS1.12/3 Research Participation for Teachers of Science and Mathematics
        963, 963-2

NS1.14 Scientific Manpower, Significant Developments, Views and Statistics

NS1.14/2 American Science Manpower
        1956-58, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1968, 1970

NS1.15 Current Research and Development in Scientific Documentation

NS1.16 Scientific Information Activities of Federal Agencies

NS1.17/2 International Science Notes
        1-5, 7-12, Suppl.1

NS1.18 Federal Funds for Research, Development, and Other Scientific Activities
        8-23 (and App. C-D), 24-26

NS1.19 Graduate Fellowship Awards Announced by National Science Foundation

NS1.21 Weather Modification, Annual Report

NS1.22 Surveys of Science Resources Series
	Sci2/5/974	U. S. Scientists and Engineers:  1974

NS1.23 Current Projects on Economic and Social Implications of Scientific Research and Development

NS1.24 Science Course Improvements Project
        1       Courses, Written Materials, Films, Studies
        2       Science Teaching Equipment
        1964, 1966, 1970, 1974

NS1.25 International Science Reports

NS1.38 Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project
	*Stored in West Campus Storage 43-A-3*
        1-95, Incomplete set

NS1.38/2 Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program
        *Stored in West Campus Storage 43-B-7*
	101-167, Incomplete set

                Office of Science Information Service

NS2.2 General Publications
        J82     Characteristics of Scientific Journals  1949-59
        Sci2    Dissemination of Scientific Information
        So1     Dues and Membership in Scientific Societies
        St2     Statistical Indicators of Scientific and Technical Communication  1960-80

NS2.8 Nonconventional Technical Information Systems in Current Use
        2 and Suppl., 3, 4

NS2.9 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        R29     Russian Scientific Journals in English

NS2.10 Current Research and Development in Scientific Documentation
NS2.12 Federal Scientific and Technical Communication Activities

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