M201 - M401: Department of the Navy - Munitions Board

                Department of the Navy

M201.2 General Publications
        N22     The United States Navy  July 1948

                Bureau of Naval Personnel

M206.2 General Publications
        C36     United States Navy Chaplains  1778-1945
        N22     Permanent Appointments and Rank Status   1 July 1948
        N93     Permanent Appointments for Officers of the Nurse Corps
	Su1	*Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize*

                Bureau of Naval Personnel

M206.6 Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
        Oc1     United States Navy Occupational Handbook

                Naval Academy

M206.101 Report of Board of Visitors to Naval Academy

M206.107 Annual Register of Naval Academy

                Marine Corps

M209.2 General Publications
        M58     Marines at Midway
        P94     A Guide for Joint Industry-Military Procurement Planning

  Munitions Board

M401.2 General Publications

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