M105 - Civil Affairs Division

                Civil Affairs Division

M105.2 General Publications
        Au7/2   The Rehabilitation of Austria
        B45     Berlin Sector
        Ed8     Education in the New Japan (vol.I-II)
        Ed8/2   Second Handbook of Basic Education Statistics
        G31/2   Political Parities in Western Germany
        R27     Religion in Japan

M105.7 Monthly Report of the Military Governor for Germany
        8, 10,  35-50  (most volumes are incomplete)

M105.8 Military Government Weekly Information Bulletin
        135-137, 140, 142-148, 150-158, 160-162, 164-166, 168-171
        1949:  11-12

M105.10 Report of the United States High Commissioner of Austria Military Government
        20-46, 48-53

M105.11 Summation of Non-Military Activities in Japan

M105.12 Summation of United States Army Military Government Activities in the Ryukyu Islands

M105.13 South Korea Interim Government Activities
        1, 21-22, 25-34
        N39k    Final Report and History of the New Korea Company

M105.17 Military Government for Germany (U.S.) Special Report of Military Government
        B16             F76             R24
        C85             L12             R29
        D83             P78             R85
        Ec7             P92             
        ED8             P94


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