L30 - L31: Federal Safety Council - Bureau of Labor-Management Reports

                Federal Safety Council

L30.1 Annual Reports

L30.2 General Publications
        C68     College Safety Education Credit Courses
        C68/2   Safety Clauses in Collective Bargaining Agreements in the Federal Service
        F31     Federal Safety Council
        Su6     Summertime Safety Tips

L30.10 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        F48/963         Federal Safety Films and Film Strips
        Sa1             Federal Agency Safety Programs
        Sa1/2           Recommended Safety Standards, Safe Practices and Guides

                Bureau of Labor-Management Reports

L31.1 Annual Reports
        1960, 1962-63

L31.2 General Publications
        B64                     Bonding Requirements Under LMRDA
        Eu7/4/supp.950-55       Introduction to Europe
        F49                     Labor Organization Financial Reporting
        L52                     Legislative History of Title II
        R26/pt.I-V              Register of Reporting Labor Organizations       June 30, 1960
        R29/4./963              Reports Required From Union Officials and Employees
        R31                     BLMR Research Kit
        T77/2                   Union Trusteeship
        Un3                     Union Elections

L31.8 Technical Assistance Aids
        1, 4, 5/2, 5/3, 6

L31.11 BLMR Research Studies
        Un3/959-60      Union Financial Statistics

L31.12 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        El2     BLMR Union Elections Guide
        F49     BLMR Financial Reporting Guide
        G94     BLMR Guide

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