L3 - L6: Bureau of Immigration - Bureau of Naturalization

                Bureau of Immigration

L3.1 Annual Reports
        1902-04, 1911, 1913, 1915-32

L3.2 General Publications
        A       Distribution of Admitted Aliens and Other Residents
        C12     Chinese-American Calendar
        Ed8     Educational Institutions Approved by the Secretary of Labor
        Im6     General Information on Immigrants
        L44     General Information Concerning U.S. Immigration Laws
        M       In the Matter of L.C.A.K. Martens, and Alleged Alien
        P94     Problems of the Immigration Service

L3.5 Immigration Laws and Regulations
        1917, 1924-25, 1927, 1930

L3.7 Treaty, Laws and Rules Governing Admission of Chinese

                Division of Publications and Supplies

L4.5 Lists of Publications

                Children’s Bureau

L5.2 General Publications
         1924   Welfare of Children in Cotton-Growing Areas of Texas
L5.6 Care of Children Series
L5.7 Dependent Children Series

L5.8 Monographs

L5.12 Children's Year Leaflets				
L5.22 The Emergency Maternity and Infant Care Program

L5.35 The Child, Monthly News Summary

L5.41 Children Bear the Promise of a Better World...
        3, 7-10
                Bureau of Naturalization

L6.1 Annual Reports
        1922-28, 1929-32

L6.2 General Publications
        C49     Citizenship Training of Adult Immigrants in the U.S.
        Ci      Proceedings of the First Citizenship Convention
        H62     Historical Sketch of Naturalization in the U.S.

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